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Jason Lester
Position(s) Founder, Owner, and Webmaster
Photo Me with my wife and me with my friend at the lake
BackgroundI have lived in or around Abingdon, VA all my life. It's a small town in Southwest Virginia near the borders of both Tennessee and North Carolina. I grew up on a dairy and tobacco farm with lots of diesels around all the time. I was born in 1973 and am married to Cristie, a staff accountant for a public firm.

I'm presently employed with Washington County Virginia Schools where I am the Manager of Technology. I'm certified in Novell networks, Fiber-Optic installation, and LAN cabling. My job involves keeping all of our servers, local area networks, and wide area networks in good shape. We are continuously expanding which keeps me very busy.

I started TheDieselStop.Com in July of 1997 after purchasing my first new truck, an F-250 Supercab 4x4 with Power Stroke and 5-speed. I was surprised when I couldn't find any info about my truck on the Internet and so TheDieselStop.Com was born (although it wasn't called that at the time). The site has grown tremendously in the past two years and hopefully the best is yet to come.

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Dick Cutting
Position(s) Photo Editor
Photo Me with a few of my trucks
BackgroundI have lived in Warner, NH all my life. I work at MCT Telecom as an Outside Plant Engineer. MCT Telecom is the local telephone service provider for this area. We are the second largest Telephone Public utility within the state and have been in business since 1896. We are also a CATV provider and an ISP. I have worked there for the last 29 years performing many different jobs within the company, mainly associated with outside facilities. I have recently been involved with our GIS/Mapping system and it's implementation. Prior to my current job I worked on road construction.

My hobbies include restoration of old trucks, haying, and traveling with my PSD. I have been fortunate to be able to travel by driving to and through 49 of the 50 states along with several provinces of Canada. Other interests include maintaining my web site showcasing my restored trucks and also creating and maintaining our town's web site.

Phil Dubois
Position(s) Forum Moderator
Photo Me, my wife, truck, and animals
Background20 year old Computer Science major w/ emphasis in Computer Information Systems (1 more semester to go !!!) at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. (In the panhandle, near Amarillo.)

Love guns, trucks, computers, horses, large machinery, AD&D, and do-it-yourself projects. Rather aclectic music tastes (but I don't care for jazz, r&b, rap, "golden" oldies). I'm a terrible speller, pretty good at math and science.

Got interested in diesels because my wife had one when we got married. I knew then I'd like to have more diesels. (Too bad they don't procreate by themselves.) After I fininsh up in WTA&M, I'm gonna spend a quick summer at Amarillo College and work on a diesel mechanics degree. (I've got to wait for my wife to finish up her degree in agriculture).

Travis Maynor
Position(s) Forum Moderator
BackgroundBorn 9/17/69 and married since 8/13/88

Employed by Duval County Public Schools as a Computer Specialist

Currently own

  • 99 F250 Psd
  • 95 Chevy Monte Carlo Z34
  • 68 VW (rust bucket)
  • 54 VW (basket case)
One of these days I'll fix them up.

John T. Morrissey Sr.
Position(s) Forum Moderator
Photo Me with my truck
BackgroundBorn 08-April-1943 in Chicago, Illinois and left town at age 16. Joined Army in March 1962 one month before draft notice caught up with me. MOS: 98G7LCM-H. Honorably discharged 11-Nov-79.

Came back home to Las Vegas and started my own tool sales & repair business. Flopped in 1984 and I went to work for SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) at the Nevada Test Site as a Nuclear Instrumentation Research and Development Technician. Excluding my personal tool business, all work experience is classified and can't be talked about.

1991, accepted employment at UNLV as Research & Development Technician for the Mechanical Engineering Department. 2 years later, promoted to the senior R & D Technician position. In this job, I take the ideas of the professors and graduate students and make them into the pieces and parts that they need for their research projects. Also, I'm in charge of the machine shop, metals shop, wood shop, and all the various labs that the students use in their learning process. For teaching labs, we have concrete testing, soils testing, composites labs, engine testing, heat transfer and thermodynamics, HVAC, acoustics and vibrations, robotics, controls, manufacturing and computer facilities where we teach both Pro-E and AutoCad. Among my other duties is OSHA and Fire Code compliance and I'm on the University Safety over-site committee.

The achievements of the department are the world record gas mileage vehicle at 3469 MPG, the largest Frisbee ever flown (10 foot diameter), worlds fastest two person human powered vehicle, and currently working on a hydrogen powered vehicle, which involves many patents that are in the approval stages now.

Mike O'Brien (OB-1)
Position(s) Forum Moderator
BackgroundI believe in the values of long, long, ago and live in a desolate land far, far, away. I believe in GOD and in the Constitution of the United States of America. I believe in personal responsibility and in doing what's right, even when it's unpopular. I believe in LIBERTY. I believe that ALL men are endowed with equal RIGHTS by our CREATOR. I believe that government is a necessary evil and its purpose is to serve the WILL of the people, not the other way around. I believe in the RIGHT to throw off the yoke of a tyrannical government, peacefully if possible, by force of arms if necessary. I believe it is my duty to protect the innocent, care for the weak, and leave the lazy to their own pathetic demise.

My chariot of choice these days is a 96 F-250 Super Cab Power Stroke 4x4 with a 5-speed transmission, 4.10 gears, and a Detroit Locker rear end. I'm a diehard diesel nut and I cut my teeth working on diesels larger than my truck. Although this is the computer age, I'm still not sure that diesel engines and computers are a good mix.

Shawn Pryde    shawn@thedieselstop
Position(s) Forum Moderator and FAQ Editor
Background21 year old Computer Science major at Texas A&M University - College Station. Part-time freelance programmer, part-time NASA programmer, and part-time FAQ writer :)

Decided to get a Ford Super Duty after seeing one. The Diesel came naturally since every now and then I need to tow an ultra large load and don't care for 10mpg. I came to the site after doing some research and became hooked.

Ziyad Showket
Position(s) Graphics Designer
Photo Me and My Truck
BackgroundI live in Northern California (20 miles North of SF). Raised in a racing family and traveled the country racing for 13 years. Built my first hot rod at 15 and the obsession has never slowed.

I have a Bachelor's degree from San Jose State University in Industrial Design with a double minor in Graphic Design and Industrial Technology. After graduating, I started my own companies: Delta Design Services - Web Site Design and Showket Design - Industrial and Graphic Design specializing in Automotive and Motorcycle Fabrication.

Currently own a 2001 CC PSD and a custom fabricated Pro-Street Harley (FXR). Hobbies include: auto, motorcycles, guns & screaming at my kids.

Smokey Wren
Position(s) Forum Moderator
Photo Me with Darling Wife and a brand new Sierra Blanca, June 1999
BackgroundBorn 1938 in west Texas, lived there until graduated from high school in 1957. BBA-Accounting, Texas A&M, 1961. MBA, University of Texas at Austin, 1968. Certified Internal Auditor, 1973.

U.S.Air Force officer, 1961-73, stationed in Maine, Turkey, Texas, and Nebraska, and including a year of grad school at UTA, with most of my work involving procedures and software for mainframe computers.

Business systems software developer, Air Force Accounting & Finance Center, Denver CO [which later became Defense Finance & Accounting Service - Denver], 1973 -93, except for 18 months in 1979-80 when I transferred to an Air Force base in San Antonio TX.

Retired 1993, designed and built my dream house on the old family homestead in west Texas, doing about 90 percent of the work myself (with a little help from Darling Wife and visiting family members). Current hobbies are travel, Honey do, and

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