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Re: Add a leaf to front leaf springs

Msg # 6 of 7456 on Powerstroke Conference ('94-'97)
To: Gerald, From: Brad W.
Time: Monday 08-31-98, 10:21 pm
I installed an after market add-a-leaf on my
'96 F250 4X4.  The brand I chose was Tuff Country
Inc, 1-800-288-2190, Part #F52.  They call it the
Ford F250/350 leveling system, price was only
$79.95 plus shipping.  It took about 3 hrs to
install both springs.  The springs are 3/8" thick,
3" wide and are almost the same length as the stock
springs.  The before and after numbers are: rubber
bumper clearance before 3/4" went to 1-3/4", top of
tire to bottom of fender hole before 5-5/8" went to
7".  The front suspension is slightly stiffer now.
                 Brad W.
 On Monday 08-31-98, 10:06 pm, Gerald said:
-Just bought a '94 psd F250 a few weeks ago.  I read
-through all your advice first, thanks alot.
-Excellent site.  My truck does not have the extra
-leaf, and I want to add it as soon as possible to
-avoid anymore tire weat than necessary.  Has anyone
-tried to add these themselves?  If so, could you
-give me brief run down on what is all involved.  As
-well, what exactly is included in the kit.  I was
-at a wrecker a few days ago.  They had a '95 with
-three leafs on the front springs.  They wanted $150
-(Canadian) for both springs, and recommended
-getting nylon bushings while I'm at it.  Any
-comments on the price, and the bushings?  (The
-local ford dealer wanted $370 for the kit, plus the
-2 hours labor)

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