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Re: K&N Long term effects

Msg # 17 of 7456 on Powerstroke Conference ('94-'97)
To: John Giles, From: Jerry
Time: Tuesday 09-01-98, 08:28 am
I have used K&N products on motorcycles, ATV's,
cars, pickups for years, seems to be a real good
product.  I have noticed no problems but who knows,
maybe the Powerstroke is different.  Jerry.
  On Tuesday 09-01-98, 06:41 am, John Giles said:
-I have had a K&N filter on my truck for ~80K miles
-(truck has 84K total), and have not seen any ill
-effects.  It still has just as much power as it did
-when it was new (seat of pants).  I think the only
-way you would know for sure would be to have a
-population of trucks where you measured the
-compression as new, then ran some w/ K&N's and some
-with standard filters for an extended time and then
-re-checked cylinder compression.
-John Giles
-96 F-350 CC 4X4 Dually
-On Monday 08-31-98, 08:18 pm, Justin said:
--I was wondering if anyone has ran a K&N filter on
--their Power Strokes for alot of miles and if
--anything had happened to their engines.  I had
--heard that long term effects of a K&N is premature
--piston ring wear, which is a sign of not enough
--filtration.  Thanks.

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