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Re: Engine Stalling

Msg # 28 of 7456 on Powerstroke Conference ('94-'97)
To: Matt / Pellsey, From: Keith P
Time: Tuesday 09-01-98, 03:28 pm
Time to find another service center. They are full
of it. Insist they change out the cam and or crank
sensor, "Just for jollies" and bet thier job on it.
The TSB's that are out there indicate that is the
solution to your problem. Have them print out the
TSB for you so you can rreed it yourself.
If you let us know where you live I'm shure somenoe
will know of a service center they recomend.
Good advice on the flight recorded.
Thier comment about the oil is also bogus. Too many
of us here have been using it. Do a search on these
topics in confrence #1 and #2 as your problem has
been worked on many times befor.   Keith
  On Tuesday 09-01-98, 02:18 pm, Matt said:
-  On Monday 08-31-98, 10:11 pm, PELLSEY said:
--My engine will die at low RPM. At high RPM it
--stumbles like water in the fuel. Have used a
--treatment for water and injector cleaner. Have 38K
--miles on truck. The problem is intermittent. Any
-I do not have a solution yet.  I am experiencing
-the same problem on a 97 F-250 4x4 reg cab auto
-tranny.  I have been to the dealer now 5 times. I
-asked them about the Cam Position Sensor, they said
-that wasn't it. They told me it was the oil I was
-using (Shell Rotella T).  Then they installed a new
-Injector Pressure Regulator, no luck but the truck
-did seem to run better.  I finally called the Ford
-customer assistance center   ( what a freakin'
-waste of time, why do they bother paying those
-people if they can't/won't do anything for the
-customers)     I called the service department
-manager at the dealer, he seemed somewhat
-interested.  Finally the installed a Customer
-Flight Recorder in my truck.  It is a small box
-that plugs into the data port under the dash.
-There is a button on a cord that you push when it
-does what it is not supposed to.  Yesterday I took
-it in and they down loaded it and low and behold
-now they belive me that it really is stalling!  Now
-I am waiting for them to analyze the data.  I am
-going to be really pissed if it comes down to being
-the Cam Position sensor. 
-I will post a message when they fix it.  
-It may be worth calling the customer assistance
-center if you start getting a run around, also if
-the dealer dosen't belive you, request the Customer
-flight recorder.  It is part of their Service Bay
-Diagnostic System  (SBDS).  Good luck, I hope you
-don't have to put up with the problems like I have.
-I wouldn't wish that on anyone.  I DO love this
-truck though, when it isn't stalling on me.  I
-don't want to trade it for a 99.

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