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Strange Intake Heater on 4cyl Perkins??
#1932005 - 08/05/04 06:06 PM

I came across a strange intake heater on a small 4 cyl Perkins diesel engine which is in a Barber Green (BG650) pickup machine. Basically there is a small fuel line that runs up to a little chamber that mounts on the side of the intake manifold. The air flow from the turbo passes though this chamber and enters the intake. The fuel line in this chamber, plugs into something that would remind you of a spark plug in shape, then it has a 12V wire that runs up to it. So it appears that the small coil inside heats up and get hot from the 12V, and may ignite the fuel as it comes in to the intake. Funny thing is it appears that the fuel runs constantly (the line comes straight from the fuel filter, and the 12V is always on if the key is. Has anyone seen anything like this before, and is that how it works????

Just curious

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Re: Strange Intake Heater on 4cyl Perkins?? new
#1932141 - 08/05/04 07:43 PM

Not sure about the fule line thing, but the intake preheat plug sounds like the ones on the 99+ powerstrokes. Penninsular diesel also sells them for retrofit onto the 6.2-6.5 diesels.

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Re: Strange Intake Heater on 4cyl Perkins?? new
#1932294 - 08/05/04 09:16 PM

Jeremy - Sounds similar to the manifold preheater setup found on some older Cummins 743 and 855 sixes.

Fuel was manually pumped by a knob mounted the dash to a spray nozzle in the intake manifold. A glow plug in the manifold ignited the fuel as it sprayed onto it.

To operate the preheater first turn on the glow plug for 30 seconds or so. Then hit the starter and operate the hand pump a few strokes at the same time. If everything worked you'd get a quick (and smokey!) start.

Kinda wierd by modern diesel standards - but it worked! ...FB

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Re: Strange Intake Heater on 4cyl Perkins?? new
#1932542 - 08/05/04 11:40 PM

Jeremy, As they posted above, What I thing you are referring to is the pre-heat. What size Perkins? 4-108? Rob.

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Re: Strange Intake Heater on 4cyl Perkins?? new
#1933320 - 08/06/04 01:02 PM

seen that on a bedford diesel engine when i was at school. probably knock like heck from the raw burning fuel in the intake being sucked into the cylinders on startup, but apparently works well...

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