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Fast Idle Control

Diesel Services Group

I inquired with Diesel Services Group about their Fast Idle Control. This is a cheaper alternative to the expensive Ford unit. Here is their reply:

Yes, we do produce a Fast Idle Control for the Ford trucks as well as fast idles for Dodge and GM. As of yet, we have not had a lot of opportunity to test the fast idle for the 1999 series.

Select any idle speed from stock through to 2000 rpm.

  • Optional load sensing control available
  • User friendly, no programming required
  • Soft start design, simple plug in system
  • Sustains engine temperature during prolonged idling
  • Faster warm-up
  • Longer engine life
  • Reduced fuel consumption

If you are interested, dealer opportunities are available. Following is a list of the retail costs for the Fast Idle Control:

  • Ford Powerstroke BF1000 retails for $259.00 Cdn.
  • Ford Powerstroke BF2000 retails for $349.00 Cdn.

Wendy Kaar
Service Rep.
Diesel Services Group

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