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Velvet Ride Shackles


I installed BFG Velvet Rides on my 96 F350 CC 4x4 PSD a few months back. They work great for smoothing the ride and I have seen no ill effects. My truck rode so hard that the cup holders in the 40/20/40 seat folddown were useless, any drink placed there would slosh out. Now the cupholders can be used and the truck is much more comfortable.

I haul a 2700lb slide-in camper at times and was initially worried the VRs would cause problems. They haven't. The product is basically a hinged shackle with a polymer (rubber) insert in the middle. It will flex on little bumps the leaf springs completely ignore. Under heavy load they straighten out and have no effect.

Installation - Not as easy as it first appears. Sounds simple, remove the rear shackles and replace with the VRs. It turns out (on my truck anyway) that Ford puts the shackle bolts in from the inside out. Therefore you can't remove them unless you drop the leaf springs on BOTH ends to allow clearance.

Once the old shackles are off the VRs bolt right in. TIP-Do NOT put the bolts back like Ford had them..if you ever want to swap back it is much easier to have the nuts on the inside. Also be aware of the danger of having the entire rear of the truck up on jacks..obviously the jacks won't be on the axle since it has to come loose. Heavy tools will be required too...those factory shackle bolts must have 200 ft lbs on aren't gonna get em loose with your 3/8 drive!

I bought mine direct from BFG, they are now available at some suppliers I see in the 4WD magazines. They run about $180.

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