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Trailer Tow Mirror Lights

Spaceace got a little tired of thwacking mirrors with other vehicles on narrow roads at night. He has come up with the most ingenious solution.

Check his truck page out here!

Basically these are 100% custom made. I started with a Generic lens from a trailer light kit. The Kit has 2 big red and 2 amber side lenses and 2 red side lenses. I could not find loose lenses in this size.

  • 2 3/4" X 2" X3/16" thick Amber.(Must be amber for side and front)

I heated them over an open flame and curved them over a coffee cup (high tech secret). This is extemely close to the curve on the mirror housing. I cut out the mirror housing in a hourglass pattern to leave enough material for the mounting screws. I installed a generic Chrysler or Ford marker light sockets(#194 bulbs) inside the housing with foil glued behind it to act like a relector. There is not alot of room behind there.

The wires run throght the arm which does not have the power controls running through it. This was the hardest part. Getting behind the mirror housing takes 2 people. I was alone.

This takes a lot of balls to do with perfectly good mirrors. There is probably a better way of doing it. It DOES NOT look tacky to me. I used no gasket, so it gets water in there occasionally. It drains out normally. The fit is tight.

I can give alot more details if desired.


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