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6.7L Power Stroke Engine and Drivetrain Discussion of the 6.7L Power Stroke diesel engine and drivetrain in the 2011-Up Super Duty trucks. No gas engine discussion allowed except on transmissions and drivetrain that pertain to all models. Please confine discussion of topics in this forum to those items that are specific to the 6.7L Power Stroke engine.

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Thanks Steve..I really appreciate your perspective.
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Everytime I buy a new truck, I'm wrestling with this decision. I daily tow equipment or horse trailers and am in the upper loads of a SRW truck. I know the DRW would be more stable, but I been more concerned about fuel mileage, tire expenses and snow traction, than the stable ride.

So far my SRW drive trucks have done the job and provided a more reasonible dailly driver.

15 F350 CC Lariat SRW LWB Ruby Red, Ultra Predator Wheels with Toyo 295/65R20, BAKflip Fibermax tonneau, Diesel Products LED lights in the rear bumper and 20" light bar in the front bumper, Firestone Airbags and Airllift Wireless compressor.
11 F350 CC Lariat SRW LWB Tuxedo Black Sold at 145,000 milesl
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Seems to me it would be based on your usage and local enviroment.

A dually will always tow better.

If your usage will be 40%-50% or higher not towing then I would lean towards SRW.

If you live in a low density population area then daily driving a DRW might be ok.

Then there is the tire usage / cost 6 vs 4 ?

And winter driving enviroment - snow

2005 F-350 PSD 5R110W SRW CC LB FX4 229k Lariat . SCT Livewire w/ pyro, Ed's FICM w/40 tune, T-6, Delo ELC, ARP Studs, EGR delete, STC mod, Oil cooler replaced, Coolant Filter, Blue Spring mod, Stand pipes, Turbo oil supply & drain upgrade, BW Pockets

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Originally Posted by mesteve View Post
Sorry, let me clarify.

I am looking for real world payload/pin weight capacities. It looks to me like the 250 has ~1500 pin weight capacity, so where do the 350 SRW and DRW weigh in once loaded ready for the road?
To answer your question for A DRW, had my truck 2011 F350 weighed on the weekend
9200 lbs. full of fuel.5th wheel hitch, tool box,driver & passenger.
That leaves 4100 lbs for payload.
Hope this helps.
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Painted Horse....nice trucks, trailer and horses! If the load ever gets a bit shifty with the livestock, try the Timbren load stabilizers. It takes about 10 minutes to install both sides and the effects are immediate under load. Air bags work well too..and are adjustable in firmness....but take a bit more time to install and upkeep. Enjoy your trucks!
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My experiences are just that....mine. So here goes

My dually is my daily commuter and everyday truck. Before I had a 350 srw Did a good job, but the stability COMPARED to a dually is non existent. one thing that was always on my mind was the rear tire blowout....I have a few more tires now

As far as being big to drive around..sure but if you can't drive this truck around, maybe a ford ranger would be better for those people. Size is not an issue for me. I always park far away and walk. Exercise does a body good. Drive thrus..I don't do them. Sure I will pay more for tires, but I know this upfront. Stability and security is worth it for me

Fuel mileage....I didn't buy this truck for economy. I bought it to pull and it does that very well. If you are worried about economy, you wouldn't be pulling trailers.

I would not hesitate to buy a dually. You will certainly enjoy it. As I said before, I will not pull with a srw again.

2011 Crew Cab Lariat Long Bed Dually 6.7
2006 Crew Cab Long Bed King Ranch 6.0
2001 Excursion Limited 7.3 PSD
1999 Crew Cab short bed Lariat 7.3 Diesel (2x)
Montana Mountaineer 5th wheel
WVU Let's Go Mountaineers!!!!!
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Rac1664, love the honesty. When the wife and I hit the road full-time, it will most likely be in a dually. Simply can't argue with the stability/safety of six wheels versus four. Thanks!
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Not sure anyone is still linked to this forum but I know a few of you are still around. I have to say I have been looking at changing over from a SB SRW CC to a 8' B DRW CC and not only was this forum helpful but it pissed me off to no end. I WANT TWO TRUCKS!!!

I'm still a bit apprehensive going to a DRW seeing how I do drive a lot of semi-city but a DRW would be a great long term vehicle that would allow me and my family to change and grow as the years pass. Our current 5th wheel trailer is a 35' toy hauler that weighs in empty/ dry at 10,800. When we fill'er up she's closer to 13,500- 14,000 and this is why I am wanting to upgrade. My SB is getting pushed around and I have a hard time keeping 55 mph in some areas here in Washington state.

Well, Happy Turkey everyone. Take care!

2005 F-350 XLT Crew Cab, 4X4, Long bed
Spray in liner
20K 5th wheel hitch
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Toy haulers often have much lower pin weight than a traditional 5er, because heavy toys are added to the rear. This results in the tail wagging the dog (tv). If less than 20 of total 5er is on pin, you should try to redistribute weight to get more on the pin. You might try going to the scales loaded the way you normally travel, then, if your fresh water tank is forward of the 5er axle, fill it to the top. The extra pin load may make you a lot more stable. This might mean you need to add air to tires and air bags.

I assume by being tough to maintain 55, you mean in hills/mountains. The 6.7 and it's 6 speed auto transmission would change that dramatically, both power and gear choices. There is a lot of info about haw wheel size and rear end ratios fit with the gear splits on the 6 versus earlier auto transmissions, and how the stock axles and wheel size combos tend to offset each other until you go to the 4.3.

I pull a 16k traditional high profile 5er. The 4.3 axle hurts mileage - my guess 2-3 mpg running empty highway, 1-2 empty around town. I don't need the 4.3 for pulling that load on flatland or in hills, but in the mountains of West Virginia and some back roads in the northeast it comes in handy, and I seem to vet 1-2 less mpg's towing on flatland versus the other axles. I might get better mpg's in the steep hill environment. What I really wanted the wide front axle that no longer comes on the 350 (The old Tow Boss).

If you have crew cab long box, I don't see the duallies as an issue. If the mirrors fit, they will. If you are used to traditional pickup or short box, there is a big difference but it does not take long to get used to it.

There are a couple of SRW models that have an incredibly small fuel tank, do your homework.

2015 350 dually (miss that wide front axle)
2011 450 (retired)
2008 450 (gone great truck if it wasn't in the shop)
2008 250 (retired)

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I can relate to blow out. I had fiver hooked on and blew the D/S outer rear on highway 40 @ 65 MPH. I was able to pull off the road easily and with no control issues. Trailer had 1900# king pin. I have since down sized but DRW is the way to go.

1994 F-350 7.3 IDI Turbo, crew cab, E4OD,4:10 L/S, LB, Dually Photos
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Pillar pod: Autometer C2 Series gauges: pyro,trans, boost, water, oil pressure
Hypermax Cowl induction, K&N air filter, flex-a-lite 26K trans cooler with fan,Tekonsha prodigy
Train Horns: Pictures here

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Well, the 350 I have now is a SB Crew Cab and if I recall it has a 4:10 rear. I get 20 hwy/ 13-16 city without trailer. I have somewhere around a 30+ gal tank on the Ford. When towing I am around 8-10 hwy. The trailer is 10,800 dry. Approx. 113 gal fresh water, 4 dirt bikes (load into rear) 30 gal unleaded fuel for generator/ fuel pump station, misc. food, gear brings me around 14,000.

Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels Floorplans | Voltage Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels

The flat land driving isn't too bad but with the short bed I can't see well via side mirrors even when extended. No bags on back... stock shocks (Rancho... I know, I know) but the weight on the 20K hitch sits well and the truck just begins to sit on the spring bumpers. My concern is 10-20 trips a year with it and more to come in 2013 (if we survive.. 'prepper' humor!) and I do go through very hilly/ mountainous areas like Snoqualmie Pass and Vantage which has some pretty rough continuos winds. Through that in with the fact that I drive the kids too and from school, groceries and semi-city driving I am trying to balance out the need of a DRW vs. a long bed SRW both being a crew cab and then figure anything over a 2008 is out of reach at this time.

I found a few '06 DRW CC with 6.0L for a reasonable price and a long bed 7.3 SRW. Would a '06-'07 SRW long bed in 6.0L be a good choice or am I just over thinking this all and I should just jump in and do a DRW and don't look back? I get concerned over fuel as a daily driver and about mobility in a DRW. I'm not concerned about my ability to drive, but where I can go. Fords don't have the best turning radius either that's for sure! I am also hearing that a 6.4L isn't worth the buy. Either stick with the 6.0L or get a 6.7L like you stated.

Holy crap did I ramble!

2005 F-350 XLT Crew Cab, 4X4, Long bed
Spray in liner
20K 5th wheel hitch
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Originally Posted by yogi154 View Post
Just picked up a 2012 350 dually the mileage is great along with the power. Just got the new hitch so haven't towed yet, will test hook-up today.

Traded in an 08 6.4 dually, truck was great. The mileage wasn't my trailer is 14 K I was getting around 6.5 to 8.5 towing.

Both trucks have 3.73 gears with 4wd.
Hope this helps, Wayne
Hi I have an 08 srw fx4 getting about 16 mpg city with cai and chip as well as dpf delete 3.73 and 35" BFG's, tow's 27.5' travel trailer great and gets about 15mpg hwy
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Cab over camper stability !

In 1988 I bought a new f-250, 460 ci, 4x4, SRW to carry a 3,000lb short cab over camper and pull a four horse trailer (3,500 lb plus 4,000 lb of dog food). With camper, bumper, winch, skid plates, extra gas tank, lots of extra springs, etc, I some how had 5,000+lb load on that heavy duty 3/4 ton truck and was pulling another 7,500 lbs.
The single rear wheels were so unstable I had to us extreme concentration on curves, exit ramps, wind, etc. So I put a dually kit on it.
What a difference! I think it should be against the law to put cab over campers on single rear wheel trucks. Been using that '88 f-250 dually conversion for 25 years mostly hauling horses to wilderness trail heads, but lots of 4x4 off road with just the camper with a gross vehicle weight of 10,500lb, and cross country travel. Truck is in mint condition and just turned 100,000 mi. but is was grossly over loaded.
So I just ordered a 2013 F-350, 4x4, DRW, 6.7l, Lariat, loaded. I'm 72 but feel like a kid waiting for my new toy!
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Originally Posted by JohnD333 View Post

Toy haulers often have much lower pin weight than a traditional 5er, because heavy toys are added to the rear. This results in the tail wagging the dog (tv).
Do you OWN a toy hauler? Because I do. Your logic is ridiculous.
Pin weight on my 41', triple axle toy hauler is 2640lbs empty.
Fully loaded with 150 gallons of water, 60 gallons of gas, 2 full size quads and a 2700lbs sand rail, my pin weight goes up to 3450lbs.....

Don't know where you got your info, but it is way wrong.

2012 F350 4X4 Dually, FX4, Crew Cab, Ultimate Lariat Package, Oxford White, Black Leather towing a 2006 LE3905 Weekend Warrior

2002 F250 CC, 4X4 - Sold
2004 F350 CC, FX4, loaded - Sold
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Ummm, you actually just sort of proved his "ridiculous logic"...unless your toy hauler is really heavy prior to loading the stuff you mentioned...like, around 15k before that stuff is added.

Knucklehead Bald Guy
2005 Excursion 6.0
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