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10W-30 diesel oil

My girlfriend has a 2003 F350 crew cab 4x4 with the 6.0 turbo diesel in it. When she bought it new, she bought a maintenance plan that got her oil changes for the first 45,000 miles. The plan has now run out and she wants me to change the oil in it.

The Ford dealership was using 10W-30 diesel rated Motorcraft oil in it. I can't seem to find anywhere around here other than the dealer that has a 10W-30 diesel rated oil. (We live in southwest MO.)

Is there anywhere that sells this oil and does it come in any other brand besides Motorcraft?.

I told her we might have to use a 15W-40 in it unless she wants to pay the high markup at the dealer for the 10W-30 version.

What viscosity and oil brand do you guys prefer for this engine? Thanks for any help.

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

A lot of folks use Shell Rotella 15w40 in their truck and have much success. Mobil 1 has 10w40 for SUV's, Royal Purple has 10w40, these las two are more expensive than the Shell.
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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

I'll probabley get bashed for this, but IMHO i dont think i matters AS much what oil you run, but how often you change it. I think you should run at LEAST CH-4 or better, but as far as synthetic i dont know if i buy it. If you change your oil on a regular basis.
I have had 2 gassers with 150000 plus on both of them. And the only thing special i did was be anal about my oil changes. 2500-3000mi.
On my first (and only so far, 3k new motor) oil change on my truck, i used Delo 400 15W-40. I got it at SAMS club for $43 for 6 gallons.
Like i said i think that changing your oil regular like, is more important than what brand. Just my 2cents [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

Being in SW MO I would use the Delo 15W40. Available at Walmart, Costco, etc. For the money, it is a very good oil and should be fine at your climate. You could go with a 5W40 also. Oil brands here is very much based on personal preferences and you will get many opinions. Either way any CI-4 or better rated 15W40 will be fine if you can't find a 10W30.

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

6.0 Oil Recommendations:
Some trucks with the 6.0 may exhibit hard starting, rough running and lack of power in cold temperatures, particularly on a cold start. This may be due to the oil being to thick for the operating conditions. Ford is recommending to use the following oils for the listed operating temperature.

SAE 15W-40 is the preferred oil above 30 degrees, but it is acceptable for use down to 10 degrees, and is recommended for towing down to this temperature.
SAE 10W-30 is the preferred weight between -10 to 30 degrees.
SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40 is acceptable for use below 30 degrees, and 0W-30 is acceptable below zero.
(All temperatures are in Fahrenheit.)
The oil used should meet Ford's specification of WSS-M2C171-D or API CI-4 PLUS, CI-4/SL or DHD-1. CH-4 is acceptable for use if CI-4 PLUS is not available. TSB #05-16-6.
Keep in mind that CI-4 oil is designed for the increased soot contamination and higher coolant temperatures of cooled EGR systems on a diesel; CH-4 is not.
Nowhere does the TSB mention synthetic versus conventional oil recomendations or ranges.
Ford has not released anything recommending NOT to use a specific brand of oil.


My html Version of the 6.0L Bible Now with 2005 Updates
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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

CI-4 PLUS... is a must oil for the 6.0L.... I am surprise that the dealership used 10W-30.

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

If you look in the owners manual it will say to use Ford diesel oil or equivalent. The equivalent is in the API rating which is CI-4 for the 6.0. I use 15w40 in summer and 10w30 in the winter, both are diesel oil with the CI-4 rating (Petro-Canada oil).

If you follow the API rating you should be OK. I've always done this and have never had any problems, change my oil every 5000 KMS (3000 miles) religiously.

Just my 2 cents (CDN funds) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

I use Rotella 15W-40 from Wal-Mart. I live in St.Louis, and have had no problems with starting in cold weather. YOu would be fine with any of the CI-4+ 15W-40 oils down near Springfield area.

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

Interesting. The 10w30 is the only oil my dealer will put in a 6.0. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif[/img] I had the oil changed at two other dealers in S. Dakota and they said the same thing.

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

From the Diesel Supplement in the glove box:

15w40 is the recommended weight oil for towing and temps above 30 degrees. CI-4 is recommended, but if it is not available, CH-4 is acceptable. The CI-4+ rating has come about since the 6.0L came into existance, or I'm sure that would be recommended. The + rating means the oil is better suited to handle the soot that the EGR equipped 6.0L makes.
I would guess the reason the dealer is using 10w30 is to eliminate any possibility of rough, cold idle. The rumor is is that the motor comes from the factory with 10w30 in it. With all that said, Shell Rotella is available in a 10w30, CI-4+ rated oil. Around here it is stocked at your local friendly Wal-Mart. They also carry the Shell Rotella 5w40 Synthetic, which is what I use. Smooths out the cold starts, and is reasonably priced for synthetic. Still change it every 5000 miles, and have pulled OA for it. So far engine is wearing very well with this oil.
Like others said, it isn't so much the weight of oil you use, it's the dedication to keep it changed. These motors seem to really like a fresh drink of oil every 5000 miles. Pick the weight that suits your driving best, and go from there.


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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

Thanks for the replies. She has had the oil changed every 5,000 miles since new. She also has been lucky so far as this truck has not had any oil leaks and it has almost 50,000 miles on it. Other than the EGR valve having to be replaced and a leaking sunroof, she has had no problems with this truck.

I just called the local oil distributor and they have Motorcraft 10W-30 diesel oil in stock so I guess I solved my problem of finding it somewhere besides the dealer. It was $22.79 a case. which is pretty good. So far she has had good luck with the 10W-30 so I guess thats what I will stick with for now. Thanks again for all of the responses.

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

Glad you found it &amp; at a very good price.

JOC...Be aware of 10W/30 rating. Temps/heavy hauling-towing, meaning its not rated same as 15W/40. Just a heads up.

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

I know the 10W-30 is not rated as high as the 15W-40 but she doesn't haul or pull anything with it since she put a 4" lift kit on it when it was about six months old.

I did call a couple of Ford dealers to ask them about what oil to use. One didn't even know they made a 10W-30 diesel oil until another guy there in the background told him so. He still recommended the Motorcraft 15W-40 and said that was all they used in the 6.0. The other dealer said that they were just starting to use the 10W-30 with good results but was a little hesitant about recommending it for the summer months. he did say that he hasn't seen any adverse affects from the trucks running the 10W-30 and in some cases its probably better. They are going to start ordering this viscosity in bulk. He said he would just continue to use the 10W-30 since thats what the engine has used from the beginning.

I have a question about the 36mm nut on the filter housing. I don't have a wrench or socket that big. Is there anything else that can be used without damaging the nut or will I have to buy the correct size?


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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

You can use a 16" adjustable wrench. But it is easier and better to get the 36mm socket -- about $7.00 at Sears for a Craftsman socket.

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Re: 10W-30 diesel oil

You could use a strap wrench to loosen it without damaging the plastic 36mm nut. The problem is tightening it back up to the right torque specification is going to be a crapshoot w/ a strap wrench.

I would just go get a 36mm 6pt axle socket at Napa or other auto parts store and use it with a torque wrench to tighten properly - do it right.

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