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I am looking for a Ford F350 with a 7.3 but good ones are getting hard to find with low miles......What would make me want to go with a 6.0 instead? All I seem to hear about the 6.0 is bad.....very bad!
Hope someone here can tell me the pro's and con's to a 6.0 vs. a 7.3.


1989 F250 single cab 2WD
7.3 IDI with 200,000 miles
Single Straight Exhaust with 4" Chrome Tip
No Soupbowl
LT 265/75/16 Hankook ATM's on 16x7 Eagle Wheels
Gooseneck hitch
Homade rear pipe bumper with built in utility-lights and D-rings
Diamond Plate Aluminum Toolbox
Tinted Windows
Roof Markers

1997 F250 Extended cab 4x4 112,000
PowerStroke Diesel, E40D, Manual Hubs
Tymar Intake - No Cat, 18" Glasspack

2000 Excursion
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Re: Durability?

I am not here to bad mouth ford, only speak from experience. If you do decide to get one, make dang sure its under warranty as it will be in the shop from time to time.

I have had good and bad experiences with mine. Good when its running bad when its not. I have had issues with the engine losing power going down the road and have had to shut it off and restart it, turbo tubes blowing off while towing, oil leaks, rough running, 2 egr valves, 3 cam sensors, icp sensor, loss of power, loss of mileage, nothing but frustration from several dealerships as they seem to be about as miffed as I am. If you use it for a business and need to rely on it daily I would be hesitant with it.

I do not over work my truck, its had service all done at ford and regularly. It pulls a bobcat, hay, tractors, horses etc.....not on a daily basis.

The water in fuel sensor/light still does not work right, never has. It still leaks oil they have put dye in it, replaced umpteen things and I have gotten so tired of being without a truck I just quit taking it back.

The fuel gauge sticks and doesnt work right all the time, never have fixed that, the fan runs erratically even when the truck is cold. No power when the truck is cold.

Little quirks here and there that just keep cropping up. I have heard the newer ones are better than the early ones. I have experience with an 03 and 04.

A person I attend church with just bought an 07 new and its already leaking oil in the same spot as mine and has no power at startup and is only getting 12MPG empty on the hwy.

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Re: Durability?

Just purchased an '07 to pull the family trailer. Now, I'm no diesel tech and I can't give you any of the detailed info your looking for, but from a consumers point of you who has a F350 with 6k miles on his truck I would advise you not to get a 6.0 and wait for the 6.4. I've had my truck in the shop 3x. Once for a leak and 2x for not starting at critical times. I'll bet that it will be back in the shop again for the starting issue more times than I care to think about. I wish I had known about this website prior to purchasing my '07. I'm not bashing Ford because I'd love to get another one that is reliable. Thats my .02. Good Luck

2007 Ford F-350 Lariat FX4 Fully Loaded, 6.0 PSD, Metalic Grey, Single Wheel, Crew Cab, LB, Sunroof, 20" HD Rims, STOCK!

2006 31' Skyline Aljo Travel Trailer w/Slideout

2005 28' Nordic Heat White W/Red Flames, W/Mercruiser Bravo I, 496 Mag HO W/425 HP, Mid Cuddy Cabin & Open Bow, Capt Chairs, Elec Hatch, Bimini Cover, $5K Stereo W/XM Sat

2001 White Ford Expedition 5.4L Triton
2001 White Ford Escape V6 Duratec
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Re: Durability?

Minimal use compared to most of you guys but I'm pretty happy with the F250 2004 KR 6.0 vs. the 7.3 I had. I have had some issues discussed above with a rear main seal leak, the hoses blowing off and I just had a turbo replaced last week at 31K. That said, the dealer has been great in being pro-active on anything that has been recalled, has a TSB, or might be a problem. I get 16.5MPG empty at 75MPH and 13MPG with a 10K trailer.

7.3 pluses-

More grunt off the bottom
Should be more reliable but I had a front seal and alternator replaced on the 7.3
Might get better mileage but not much if both are stock

6.0 pluses-

Most are under warranty
Much much better transmission

I'd rather drive the 6.0

'08 F350 cc SRW 4x4 white/stone
F430F1, Gallardo, modded 996tt
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Re: Durability?

6.0 - more power and better driveability than a 7.3, much better auto trans for towing and empty, tow/haul mode, quieter, and more power.

7.3 - better low end if 6spd, less chances of getting a problem child, louder, slightly better economy.

in my observations regarding 6.0s, very early '03s seem to be doing well. the '03.5s to mid '04s seemed to be more problematic. no stats to prove anything, just observations. i don't hear many have problems w/ '02 or early '03 build date 6.0s. i guess to be "safer" you would want to look at a late '04 and up. if still too pricey and are too skeered, get a 7.3.

me personnaly, my next truck would be a 7.3/6spd so i can put a cummins in (just because i miss rowing). [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif[/img]

my next toy would be an '03 6.0 reg cab 4x4. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smokin.gif[/img]


'03 F350 Dually, 6.0, Supercab, longbed, 4.10 LS, sport pkg, extremely RED, STRAIGHT PIPED, SCT Xcalibrator, full guages
- Job1 programming, Harpooned, Skweeker Mod, Zoodad Mod
- Did that thing that you're not supposed to talk about

'79 Bronco, 468cid Ford 460 marine motor, C6/NP205

Previous -'99 F250, Rg Cab XLT, 7.3/6spd, 3.73

Project truck
- '96 Cummins, 215hp/5spd, Diprocol guages, Plate & AFC full fwd, hi-capacity external lubrication system
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To add: 2 1/2T axles, 46" goodyears, etc.
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Re: Durability?

My first 6.0l, early "03" (Jan) was bought back and replaced with a late (May) "04". Only 2 serious issues since June 04: 2 EGRs replaced/ 1 Shift Soliniod replaced. Presently 49k, running great, have and know other 6.0l owners ALL very happy with thier rigs F250s and F350s.
The only real question is the range of milage variance:
Mine: F350/CC/DRW/Full Bed/4.1 rear when all numbers are calculated 13.9-14.2 mpg.
Would not flinch about buying another 6.0!! Just my 2cents.
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Re: Durability?

I had a 2000 7.3L and drove it 88K miles and had no problems until the last 4K miles. I had added Bank full Power pack (exhaust, chip, intercooler) from just after new. I changed oil and tranny fluid regularly. Right before I sold it I have a crank alignment sensor that kept going bad. This was a bad deal because you would be driving along and the truck would quit. It happened several times while towing a 10K trailer. I changed it 3 times and then went back to Banks got a new chip, but it failed again. I put the stock chip back in and it seemed ok? Why good for 84K, then doesn't like banks?

So I sold it. Just after I sold the throw out bearing went out on the buyer (so I paid to replace, as dealer denied warranty due to Banks kit).

I was very happy with the truck.

I now have a 2005 6.0L with 30K on it, Bank Big Hoss Bundle, lift etc.. Since new I have had no problems, except it gets hot when towing (steep grades, 10K trailer) and gets terrible milage. Othewise it has been a good truck.

Seems like there are good ones and bad ones. If you get a bad one it is bad. If you can afford it buy a new truck and keep it stock and take advantage of the warranty. That is what is what I will do next time (well maybe).

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Re: Durability?

My 03 only had 2 major problems with it in 80K Turbo replaced @ 55K and Cracked EGR cooler @ 77K.. both fixed under warranty.. check my sig for the mods on my truck.. this truck will run w/ that tuner in it.. I also get 15 MPG hand calculated i do 50/50 hwy/city driving and i try to keep the RPM's under 2200 most of the time..
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Re: Durability?

The trucks are great, the motor could be much much better. Just don't keep one after warranty if you dont like writing big repair checks.

2004 F150 Heritage. No diesel Right now
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Re: Durability?

I had an early 2003 F350 6.0 liter and put 65,000 miles on it before trading it. The only problems that I had was a bad actuator on the turbo that I had to fight for Ford to pay but they finally did after I told them that I did not put the turbo on there, Ford Motor Company did and they needed to pay for it; and then I could not get the blasted water in fuel light to go off and they reprogrammed my truck twice and I think the last reprogram was to basically turn the light off so that it did not function. They also told me that my AFE stage 2 air intake kit was causing problems so they took it off and put the original back on supposedly. Anyway, I never had any major problems really with it like some guys did.

I traded the 2003 for a 2006 F350 6.0L and I love it. No problems, seems to be strong and feel good. Only have 15,000 miles on it now but I pull loads of hay (11 bales=16000lbs + trailer 4000lbs=20 lbs), tractor with bushhog and loader, and then I have a Featherlite trailer that we haul alpacas. Never had any problems with it and I think Ford just had to work out bugs with the engine. I think that every new engine will have quirks that have to be worked out. This is normal.

My brother has a 1999 F350 with the 7.3 diesel and he has normal maintenance with it. He swapped out the tranny at maybe 150,000 and put in a BTS tranny. I think this is the weakest part of the 7.3s maybe because I have heard many people say that the trannies just will not hold up like the torqueshift. I don't know much about the 7.3 but he currently has over 200,000 on it and drives it everyday and running good.

Which ever one you go with, just be happy with your decision. You know what the problems can be with each. Sorry for the long paragraph but just letting you know my experience to help you decide what to do maybe.

2006 F350 Lariat Dually Crew Cab 6.0 Liter 4.10 gears, SCT Excalibrator 2 with tunes from Innovative Diesel--these guys are awesome to deal with. AFE Stage 2 enclosed air intake with new part to fit the 2006 model trucks. SIRIUS SAT RADIO, Garmin 2610 GPS, Cage off road leveling kit, 5100 Bilstein Shocks, B&W gooseneck hitch, LINEX bedliner, CAMLOCKER toolbox, MBRP SINGLE 4" EXHAUST.
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