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How to increase fuel economy 05 F250 6.0L

When I bought this truck new, diesel was a lot cheaper $1.60, now its topping $4.00. What upgrades would help fuel economy, new intake, new computer chip or tuner, exhaust etc? I use this truck everyday normal driving and a couple times a month I do have to pull some equipment 8,500lbs. Right now I'm only seeing about 10-12 miles per gallon and any improvement would help.
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I also have a 2005 F250 SD, averaging around 15.8 ~ 16.1 while driving around town and 18+ while highway driving. My MPG's vary slightly when loaded up and pulling a trailer but not like what your seeing. I'd say try the 2 cycle oil method added to the fuel with each tank full, but that's entirely up to you. Do a search here with the forum and you'll see mixed reviews about this, so the choice is yours. I use the 2 cycle oil and I'm getting slightly improved MPG's, easier starts and quieter, smoother running.

I've seen posts with in the forum and also from friends about possible mod's that your considering to help improve things. I would look into a chip/tuner and an aftermarket exhaust system. Innovative diesel is a good site to check out about this as well.

As for the air intake, you could add a cold air system but judging from some of the threads you'll see here in the forum if you do a search, it seems that the factory air inlet is probably better then any aftermarket kit avaiable.

Hope this helps some. Good Luck


2005 Lariat/FX4 F-250 SD Crew Cab LWB 6.0 PSD w/ Auto Trans. Torreador Red w/ Arizona Beige. 52k miles

Daily Driver with occasional hauling and/or towing duty.


Up Fitter Switches

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I agree with tomcatchamp. My 2005 F-250 6.0 gets 15 city 17 hwy and I don't drive it easy. I'm very good about maintenance (including tire pressure) and I don't idle it.

2005 F-250 6.0
4" Straight Pipe, CCV Reroute, Coolant Filter, Sinister EGR, Insight Monitor, SCT X3 (Tuned by Innovative)
Blue Spring, Atlas 40 FICM Tune
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Spending $$$ on mods to increase MPG's just doesn't seem to be worth the investment on these trucks IMHO... Exhaust mods, air filters, chips, etc. all claim to add MPG's and none that I have tried have amounted to squat although my wallet is definately lighter... Recently, when my '04's MPG's dropped to 14.1 average, I changed my oil from Rotella Semi-Syn 15w40 to Rotella Full-Syn 5w40 and aired my tires up to 60 front and 50 rear... My MPG's are now averaging 15.4 and the truck starts better in the cold... YMMV, literrally... Diesel where I live hit $3.99 a gallon over the weekend and I'm pretty much done driving this truck until Diesel prices come back to sanity levels...

** SMD '04 F250 6.0 CC King Ranch, '14 F350 6.7 Lariat CC **
Original engine grenaded @ 31,000 miles..! Replacement engine DIY bulletproofed, Gen 4 Injectors, 58V FICM, IPR Remote Oil Cooler/Coolant Filter, ARP studs, MBRP Duals, 2 blown Turbos currently running a Garrett, DR Edge 8.5" hybrid lift w/ 5" rear leafs, 37x13.5x17 Swamper M16's, Draw-Tite portable winch mount, WARN xD9000i, WARN Pocket Flares w/ Durabak, 4.56's w/ F&R ARB's, Dynatrac Dana 60 35 spline stubs, Powerslot Cryos/Hawk LTS, Yukon Hardcore 35 spline hubs, 2" wheel spacers, PICS
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As has already been mentioned, it takes a long time to see the point where the expense of your mods makes it worthwhile as far as saving money on fuel goes. Factory intakes are quite efficient and the only thing I might try is a free-er flowing exhaust (minus some parts). But then you run the risk of wanting to hear what that exhaust sounds like under throttle... We're all in the same boat, brother. Easy on the go pedal, coast as much as possible, air up the tires so they're like rocks, synthetic oil in the crankcase, and maybe a cetane booster in the tank at each fillup. Oh, and if you've got oversized / offroad tires, ditch 'em for some stockers.
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Get a ScanGuage (ScanGaugeII - Trip Computers + Digital Gauges + Scan Tool).

Set it to monitor realtime fuel mileage. You will learn what uses excessive fuel and what conserves fuel. I believe I get more than 1mpg better from using it.


04 E-350 Ext. 6.0L PSD 4.10LS 9700# w/driver
D70 Full floating rear axle from a cutaway van
Sportsmobile camper conversion w/penthouse top
140A Alternator. 125W solar panel. Sportsmobile off-road trailer.
115615 miles. 16.65 mpg average
From Cal to Alaska, Key West, Labrador/Newfoundland and points in between
Salem Kroger coil spring 4wd conversion - 4" lift
05 F350 front axle and aluminum wheels 275/70-18 tires.
46 Gal tank - harpooned pump vent tube.
Scangauge. DieselSite Coolant Filter@72K. Fumoto valve. Amsoil dual remote oil filter setup.
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Thanks for the help

Thats why I came here, every aftermarket site you visit says there products will increase MPG by 5-15%, and if I added them all my truck, it should be getting 50 MPG lol, thanks for the Info

I noticed an average of 16 MPG on here for other trucks like mine, and I can only dream of that, as of today 12.8MPG I'm not a lead foot, and I do regular maintenance, still have the stock Pirelli's FULL of air. Could there be something wrong with my truck mechanically and where should I start looking?? The engine should be broken in it has 50,000 mile on it! could it be the local fuel I'm using? and how can I improve it?

The shelves of the local parts store is full of liquid stuff making fantastic claims. I don't even know where to start.

Good night all and thanks for the info

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Buy a fuel efficient vehicle, not rying to be a smarta$$ but please, these were never made to be that fuel efficient. They were made for work and towing.

07' 6.0 Lariat,350, DRW,CC boney stock (not anymore)
Pullrite Superglide, Sandpiper 32BHSS Platinum
2007 Four Winns 224
" LET'S ROLL !" Todd Beamer-Flight 93
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Originally Posted by iwejun View Post
Buy a fuel efficient vehicle, not rying to be a smarta$$ but please, these were never made to be that fuel efficient. They were made for work and towing.

Because they are made for work and towing, fuel economy is that much more important. Owning and operating costs, cost to get the job done, cost/mi, whatever you want to call it, it is a very significant factor for most people. For class 8 trucks, owning and operating costs, of which fuel is the highest contributor, is the major buying criteria. For myself, fuel economy and resale are the major reasons I bought the diesel over a gasser (given the 6.0's reputation, I think I goofed). Add in the fact that these things last for several hundred thousand miles, and it even becomes more significant.

A 1mpg improvement on a base of 16 mpg is a >6% improvement. At 16mpg and a 300K mile life, this truck will burn 18,750 gal of fuel, or $65,625 of fuel @ $3.50/gal. A 1mpg improvement would save >1,100 gal of fuel, or $3,860 in 300K miles.

Most people I know of that own the p.o.s. Dodge w/ the awesome Cummins, they buy (put up w/) that truck because of its superior fuel economy and reliability.

I would buy the SCT in a heartbeat to improve the mpg, if it didn't void the warranty and these engines so prone to problems.
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The cheapest and best mod for fuel economy; Egg under the throttle pedal.

2005 F350 6.0 PSD srw lb sc Zf6 speed
mods: BD exhaust brake- Dura flap mud flaps-Piaa back up lights-Wilson cell amp and antenna-Midwest short throw shifter--C-Betr mirrors-Burning B100
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The '08's now offer a 3.55LS rear end gearing. Does anybody know what it would take to install it? Is it just swapping gears? And would it fit in our 3.73's?
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Originally Posted by wdwkr View Post
The cheapest and best mod for fuel economy; Egg under the throttle pedal.
............That'a a big 10/4,cost's money to go fast,towing or solo,case in point,my son took his 5'th wheel and we took our's to the panhandle last summer,I followed and he was running 70-75 MPH,I stayed right with him but my fan clutch kept cutting in and out,never ever does that and my MPG fell to 6.5 MPG,on the way back I told him to just go,I have more time than money to go fast,went my usual 55-62 MPH and my MPG cane back to the 9.5-10 I usualy get,I'm heavy @ 20,900 #'s at the truck stop scale,he's lighter with a single slide coachman bunkhouse,both have the same truck's,F350 dullie's longbed's,his is a 2004 6.0,mine a 2002 7.3,been leaving the diesel sit a lot lately and been useing the wife's 2007 expedtion,same thing,70-75 MPH get's 16.5-17MPG,55-60 and it get's 22.4 all highway,now town driving suck's @14-15,it hate's stop and go traffic,"TIME TO PUT THE 55 mph SPEED LIMIT'S BACK IN".that would save a hell of a lot more fuel than daylight saving's time does !!!!!.

2002 F350 4 door Dually XLT lariat PSD Crew Cab 4R100 4.10 VDH4 Prepump, In-Tank, Crossover,Tymar air intake, Edge Evolution, Magellan 6000T GPS, White Night backup light's, DPPI Guages, Walker "Big Truck" Muffler, b&w turn over hitch, pulling a 2004 Sunnybrook 31bwks triple slide 5th wheel. , Total Gross 20900#.truck wt empty 7420# all at the scale, born 05/02/02. bought 06/18/02 & the wife's 2007 eddie bower expedtion 5.4,6 speed automatic ,power everything,redfire & tan.

My truck and 5er.
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