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How to improve MPG

It's been years since I last visited this web site, definatly have been some big changes.
Anyway I am trying to find out whats the best way to improve mpg these days?
I have a 02 F350 Crew cab Dually with a 6spd and only average 12mpg,on a real good day I might get 14mpg but it's rare.

Thx for any info.

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The number one way......Drive slower and easier.

Our Raptor RV

2006 F350 CC LWB Dually XLT Oxford white manual 4x4 6.0 PSD 6 speed. 4.10 LS front and rear, Built May05. 4" turbo back, 55 gal aux fuel tank. A real pig from a stop, give me 15' and she'll slowly come to life, then watch out!
165K miles, 12 injectors, EGR cooler, Fuel pump, 8 glow plugs, GPCM, FICM rebuilt FoMoCo engine at 150K under 7/200 warranty.
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Thinking About MPG

02 SWB CC 4x4 auto, AIS, DPTunerF5, FTVB, 4" Banks Monster SS Exhaust, HPOXover, AirDog, Amsoil ByPass, Centramatics, GearVendors Overdrive, Edge CTS, IH Uppipes WW2
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Originally Posted by blackout View Post
Thanks for that link!

Dave's numbers are pretty consistent with the 12.7 mpg I get, unloaded around town.

'90 F350 4x4 CC, 7.3 IDI, Factory Turbo, ZF-5, 3.55 SRW, 237kmi. (Sold)
'02 F350 4x4 CC, PSD, VDH2 PCM, SCT Xcal2 (DPTuner 60t, 80e, 100p), AIS Severe Duty intake, Walker BTM (55kmi), 3.73 SRW, 6½" Pro-comp lift, Dynatrac Free-Spin Kit (65kmi), Toyo MT 315/75-16 (64kmi), C-BETR Mirrors, rebuilt Motorcraft 4R100 (43kmi), new CPS (46kmi), 6.0 CAC, 6.0 Tranny cooler, 88kmi
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Air Dam?

Has anyone tried to fit a new 08 Job 2 air dam to any of the older trucks, I went looking for an air dam for my '99 and only found super fancy ie expensive dress up air dam with lights? It would probably help on th 4x4.
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I have an '06 F250 (4x2) and I like the idea of installing a larger air dam. Ford wouldn't have made a new air dam for the '08 so shortly after its introduction if it didn't help MPG. Take note of the GM Hybrid Yukon. GM put a fairly large air dam on that as well.

After some searching I found an air dam made by Go Industries. It is fiberglass and extends downward about 5 1/2". It does come molded for fog/driving lights but, since I dabble in bodywork and paint, closing up the holes will be a snap. I will paint the air dam in a satin black to give it an OEM look. The part # is 1138. The cost was $125. + shipping.

I haven't received it yet, hopefully in the next couple of days.

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I am stuck with driving my truck to work and back every day right now. I go 120 miles round trip. I watch my boost gauge and try to keep it at 5 or under. I accelerate slow from stops and set my cruise at 65 on the freeway, even in the 75 mph zone. It pisses some people off, but I get 18 or 19 MPH consistently.

2001 f-250 Superduty, crew cab, 4x4
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Under 2k rpm is the magic number. I have ran about 1850 for a consistent number of miles on a trip. And seen much better MPG.... though in my dually that is only about 63 mph,, and it sucks to drive that slow.

You are the MAIN factor in your MPG,, if the motor is running RIGHT,,, any money you though at it for "Gizmo's" or gee wizz stuff, won't help NEARLY as much.

Jim T.*48* SLAPS Co-Founder, 30.8 yrs RETIRED UAW 6/01/06, Now an ART (Specialists Flight Chief) with the USAFR 414th MXS Seymour Johnson AFB. My pics! '03 Dually pics!, New truck, 2011 F-350 SRW LB CC. White Platinum Lariat! 4x4

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Smile Searchin' for MPG's

With over half a million miles on Dually Powerstrokes, I can tell you that driving habits (using cruise control, etc) are VERY important. That said, 4" exhaust, a 70hp chip and a big air cleaner put me in the17 to 19 mpg category consistently, and I put a lot of miles on my trucks. I live at 10,000' so I'm always goin' uphill, at one time or another during the day. I also pull a 12,000# 4 horse trailer w/living quarters a lot of the time. Fully loaded, I still average over 12.5 with my '02 F-350 Supercab Dually.

I'm getting ready to test one of these HHO Generators. This unit has come HIGHLY recommended by a mechanic friend of mine. At $5/Gal for diesel, gotta try stuff!

You guys have a great day!!
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Basically, improved MPGs come from three changes: driving, gearing, and aerodynamics. The engines are pretty well sorted out.

By far the cheapest and most effective change is to change the nut behind the wheel.

Drive to keep RPMs under 2000 and EGT (pre) under 600 degrees works. Other stuff, check out his link.

Section 2 and 3 are the meat of it. This guy is the guru of MPG driving (called “hypermiling.”) He gets 47 MPG out of an unmodded Ranger, and regularly gets 100+ out of hybrids. Most of it, I don’t have the nerve to do, but pick out what you can use and put it into action. Changing the nut behind the wheel cost very little but a change in mind-set.

Gearing is not for the financially faint of heart but it works. I re-geared my 4x2 to 3.08s. The best I’ve seen for 4x4s is 3.55. An overdrive unit is salty but gets you into the 2.98:1 range for overall ratio. By slowing down the engine you proportionally reduce the engine frictional HP. These engines have so much low end torque, the truck never notices.

A pickup truck is one of the worst shapes there is (vans and SUVs are worse). At minimum run with the gate up. A flat tonneau (hard or soft) is better and should result in a 1.5 MPG improvement. Some sort of “fastback” cover is even better.

I am working on testing an improved air dam. This is last year’s version.

I should have MPG figures in a week or two. I always run tests of about 1500 miles to average out my testing errors. (First tankful up a half MPG)

'00 F-350, 4x2, 6 Speed AIC 210,000 miles
3.08:1 Gears
Fuel tank mods: MaroonHarpoon, Pre-Pump,
Evans, 203 degree thermostat, Poor Man's Tymar, 4" Single SS Exhaust, Rugged Air Dam
225-75x16E tires in front 235-85x16Es in back, tires aired up to 100 psi, Lowered 4" in front and 6" in back, "Fastback" bed fairing
21.3 MPG before mods
27.0 MPG tested with mods
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I average 11.5-12 in town hand calculated. I usually run in the 80 econo setting and drive like an old man the majority of the time. I dont know if there is something wrong with my truck or if its the 4:10 gears. I do not go over the 2k rpm mark.

My old 99.5 SRW CC 4x4 used to run TS performance in 140HP setting and race around everywhere getting avg of 14-16mpg; how does that work; cant imagine a dually with 4:10's can get that much worse mileage compared to a (srw racing around town).

however I have been told many times that 12 is about right for my truck, just find it hard to believe. I live at 6500' and have many hills, but still I have owned the 99.5 without issues. Might pull the DP tuner and compare it with stock and superchips tuner that came with the truck and see if there is a difference. One reason why i bought the truck is because the guy said he was getting 17MPG, must have been going off liometer which used to read 17, now reads 14-15 but is not accurate. anyways; would love to figure out how to get around 14-16 in town.

03 F350 7.3L Auto CC LB Dually 410's (LS Rear)

PHP/Beans tuned/250/100 FF inj's, BTS Tranny, Strictly Diesel complete fuel system with RR & FB delete, Pius LASB from Irate, Swamps HVHF IDM.
Autometer Nexus Guages, 4"MBRP, DieselSite Coolant filtration system/billet housing/HP X-Over line. Baldwin PA2818(6637) RR Boots/CBillet Plenums, ('06) 26 row Tranny & PS Cooler, LarryB's Genuine Denso Starter
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I actually just got my best mileage with my bed loaded for the past week (no suprise to me as I worked at a windtunnel)...the suprising part was even with the extra weight, the bed being filled stilled got better mileage by about .75mpg

'00 F250 7.3L, 4x4, 6-spd, SCT X3, ATTA 90 gallon tank/toolbox, Air Lift Loadlifter 5000 kit. WVO kit in the if I could just finish getting the CANbus code written for that HE431VE.

'96 Impreza "WRX" coupe time attack car
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I tried to telecomute, but I got in trouble as I am a paramedic/firefighter

Really, I combine trips. I map out my route, get it all done in one trip, and KEEP MY FOOT OFF THE THROTTLE!

Today, Post office, bank, drop off old truck batteries, drop off old oil, grocery store, dump 1500 pounds of busted up rock, get two yards of top soil, go home and stay there.

03 F-250xlt 6.0, SOLD April 2010! Replaced by an 07 GMC Yukon XL, and a 99 F350 crew cab, long bed 4x4, 6 speed. 69 Shelby GT500, 428 Cobra Jet, 4 speed toploader.

67 Fairlane 500, 347 Stroker, AOD trans, 3.25 rear end... work in progress. I am looking for parts that I thought I had so carefully put away...............

Work "Truck" 110 foot, 1999 Spartan/ LTI quint, Detroit Series 60, Allison auto. Work "Engine" 06 Pierce Arrow, Detroit Series 60, 475 horse, Allison Auto. Work Medic unit, 08 E450 6.0 by Northstar.
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I jump on my motorcycle. My powerstroke get's it's best mileage sitting in the driveway.
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