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Re: 3408 Cat

being a mechanical fuel system, I have seen several put 600 to the ground on a chassis dyno with just a couple of turns to the fuel setting screw...
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Re: 3408 Cat

3608 is an inline design,mainly used for power generation,also in ocean going tugboats
3066 is a Cat branded Mitsubishi Diesel used in Cat equipment...I have only seen them in early 330 Excavators
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Re: 3408 Cat

We've been using the 3400 series engines for years here in the Gulf. Usually on fire pumps or crane engines. We have two 3412s and two 3406s on this location. All are turboed. Of course the 3406s are inline and the 3412s are V-block. They do use a lot of fuel but are damn good engines.

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Re: 3408 Cat

Our '87 Chevy C-70 dumper has a 3208 non-turbocharged Cat in it. So far it has been a great engine to us. It's got a little over 200k on it and the only thing that has gone bad on it was a governor relay. It makes good power, pulls good, and gets fair mileage, usually 8mpg empty, and about 6 loaded. The truck is liscenced for 45k, and it has moved all of it without fail. Tops out at 65mph.

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Traded in: 1995 Ford F-250 XLT Super Cab Longbed 4x4, 460, auto, 3.55's., K&N filter, glasspack duals. Miss everything about this truck but the gas mileage....

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Judging from the comments, I'd say most of you guys weren't around in the days of the "Large Cars". True, the 3408 sucked the fuel, but at $0.75 a gallon, so what? They did come "turbo-ed", some of em even twin, and since they were mechanical pumps you could turn em way up, and they would take it too, so the sky was the limit. Mine was putting out 660 horses on the dyno. Of course the black smoke would hide the trailer when you really got on it. Had to be careful about that though, it would snap an input shaft or twist a drive shaft right into. I miss my 3408 but times have changed. I'm still doin cats, but it's now a single turbo c-15 550, and it'll more than do the job.

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you realize the last post was made back in 2005 right?

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The 3408 Cat was an AWESOME engine!

This was possibly the most under-rated engine ever produced. I honestly think it was Caterpillar's 427 Big Block Chevy so to speak. Same firing order too! The stock 450 HP V-8 used a 380 hp 3406 A model injector nozzle from the factory. A 400 hp 3406 A model injector would bring the V-8 to life without touching a thing and there was plenty more you could do to it! A few turns of the screw and a set of 400 A model injectors would make this engine walk up a hill like a car! The pre-combustion chamber V-8's were the ones to give it a bad rap on fuel mileage....the DI (direct injection) V-8's were much better. A 3408 V-8 would easily out do a 400 hp 3406 A model Cat on economy with way more power. Not to dispute anyone's post but a good mechanic who could perform a top-shelf over-head valve adjustment would make them run smooooth as silk. Very impressive engine in the right hands. There were a few good hot-rod mechanics around in the good old days that could really make them "walk the dog" and make them run like a raped-ape. A true luxury engine to say the least. 1099 C.I.D. and extremely reliable. "You won't be late with a 3408" I ran coast-to-coast for years mostly from the northeast to the northwest but they were very hard on the drive train especially with a heavy loads on steep grades in the southwest during the extreme summer temperatures. I split an auxiliary transmission diagonally in half one day passing another truck in Montana where I was running out of at the time. Another good mechanic that I got to know over time had replaced an axillary that a KTA 600 broke a few weeks before but said he had never seen such an "air-conditioned box" like the one on my extended hood 359 that the V-8 destroyed....you could easily see the gears in it before taking it out of the truck. My last truck (KW-900L) had a 3406 E 550HP with 1.770,000 on the original transmission when I sold it....which was only taken out of the truck one time at 1,050,000 to replace the original clutch. It was overhauled for the first and only time at 1.200,000 before I sold it. There were only 18,000 3408's put in the frame rails of on-highway use trucks. They had a 28V**** serial number if I recall. Most were Caterpillar yellow but the one I had was white which I kinda liked especially in a black truck with chrome and polished aluminum. . I think November 1985 was the last on-highway truck to come with a 3408 from the factory. The following year a 503 HP 3408 B model was available in off-highway trucks. The 3408 B was even better on fuel than the DI version with more torque. Remember this was 503 HP at the fly-wheel without air-to-air compared to the 500 HP 998 C.I.D. Mack V-8 with air-to-air. Big difference! Never seen a naturally aspirated V-8 Cat in an on-highway truck (large car) but there were a few top-shelf mechanics who would twin turbo the V-8 as far back as 1979. A stock factory 450 would put about 510 HP to the ground by adding an air-to-air cooler/set-up without any other modifications. There were a few air-to-air 3408 B models around that were putting a reliable 650 HP to the ground. The old twin-overhead cam 1693 was the bulldozer engine of the highway before the V-8 back when the left lane was called the "Monfort Lane" named after the meat hauling company than ran out of Greeley Colorado. The 1693's had a unique sound and some would call them a clatter-cat (in a good way) and a hot-rodded 3406 was called an 0dd-Six like the .30-06 rifle cartridge. Some of the folks in the NW (logging country) would call the V-8 a "wildcat" and they were quite popular in the high country. A good friend from the old school said my V-8 with 6" straight pipes sounded like an old 55 Ford. The stories are countless and very memorable! And remember when Roadway drivers would get on their radio (side channels) and tell their buddy's up the road to wait for me to pass them and listen to my engine as I went by. Back when the speed limit was 55 nationwide I actually had people in cars that drove for a living pull in behind me to ask what kind of engine I had because it pulled so strong. I've heard it all over the years. The 3408 was a very fun and enjoyable engine that always made the trip that much better! The 3408 Cat and KTA 600 Cummins were the Ali vs Frazier - Thrilla in Manila of their day. The BIG Blocks of the highway! Other than the old narrow-hoods the extended hood 359's & 900 A models were the 55 Chevy's of their day too!!! Sad to think those days are long gone an will never return. Sorry, and no offense but todays' generation has no idea of the freedoms they are willing to give up and our shameless politicians are working day and night to take away.

But none-the-less best of luck to you....

Be safe!!!

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I enjoyed the write up 3408 Cat V8. I was not around to enjoy those days of big block raw horse power motors. I do believe it would have been a good time!
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Originally Posted by CATTC View Post
being a mechanical fuel system, I have seen several put 600 to the ground on a chassis dyno with just a couple of turns to the fuel setting screw...
Yup, a late friend use to work for the Cat dealer back in the day. Said he had a customer who's truck was turned up. Engine maxed out the chassis dyno and it was either a 600 or 700HP unit too!

But, unfortunately, they did love their diesel.....didn't sip it, gulped it!

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Originally Posted by Birken Vogt View Post
People liked them on the power side but the problem was there were no Jakes available so they tended to go down the far side of the hill even faster than they went up [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]

I saw a picture of one that said "never late with my 3408"

Most of you never drove one let alone in the mountains out west. They were beautiful machines that never came down more than 3 gears on even the Montana mountains. As for no Jake Brake, they had something better: A retarder but none of you would know about that, either. Mine was a twin turbo and had all the power I ever need with a 15 speed transmission. Yes, they got 5 miles mpg but if you want to drive big chrome trucks out west, what do you expect? You pick up a double order and the 120,000 GVW meant nothing to that engine.
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