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EGR Blocking, Pros & Cons of Do It.

Hi to all,

Could someone tell me the pros and cons of installing EGR blocks? I have read some about the waste-gate function of the EGR and I am trying to understand the effect of blocking it with and without tuning. The blocking could be detrimental? When it is convenient and when it is not? Is it recomended when you are looking for motor reliability and durability?

2008 F250 FX4, CC, SRW, SWB, 6.4L Diesel
Two tone paint Oxford White w/Dark Shadow Grey lower accent, ESOF, Stabilizer Package, TowCommand system,
20 x 9 Black XD Revolver w/Nitto Terra Grapplers 295/60/20, Dieselsite 4WD ESOF Hose Kit,
H&S Mini Maxx, SDP Downpipe/CAT/DPF Delete, Banks Monster Exhaust Dual-Tip, Turbo Socks, DEI Exhaust Wrap (half downpipe),
Banks RamAir Intake, Dieselsite Boots Kit, MBRP Intercooler Tube, Flo-Pro EGR Delete Kit,
Power-Stroke Connection CCV System, Dieselsite Coolant and Transmission Oil Filtration Systems, Fumoto Oil Drain Valve

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I would only do it if you have the EGR turned off. Otherwise, you'll just be recircuating hot, uncooled exhaust which will probably decrease power and mileage even more.

I would definitely do it if you are planning to continually run a high power tuner that gives you the ability to turn the EGR off.

Pros: You won't hydrolock your engine in the even of a leak. It will just leak out at the block off plates.
Cons: It's illegal on the road and could cost you $10K if you are caught (not likely).

2009 F-250 6.4L PSD CC SB Lariat Ultimate FX4, 3.73LS

Mod List:
-51 gal RDS direct fill auxillary fuel tank
-SEIC High Idle
-H&S Black Maxx Running the Hot Damn +300 Tune
-S&B Dry CAI
-Diamond Eye 5" Turbo Back Race Exhaust
-Custom 10" Sub Box Behind the Center Console
-Coastaltech SYNC-LP1 Lockpick
-Westin Bull Bar
-Westin Taillight Guards
-Recon LED Smoked Dodge Cab Marker/Clearance Lights
-Billet Fender Vent Inserts
-Zone Offroad 4" Lift
-20x10 BMF Novakane 8's
-35x12.50r20 Nitto Trail Grapplers
-'11 Super Duty Rear Seat Cargo Tray w/410W Power Inverter
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if u block the gas side then you loose the system ability to relieve overboost. with variabke geomtetry staged turbo charging might not be much of a deal.

you bascially put blanking plates in at each end of the coolers. The valve continues to cycle but nothing happens. Water side doesnt care.

by itself probably doesnt buy you much by itself

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Traded In Nov 07:
2003 F250 CC LB XLT 4x2 PowerStroke, Captains Chairs, White/Parchment, Torqshift, Heated Mirrors, Trailer hitch
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I would think that you would need to modify the wastegate so you can bleed off excessive boost.

08F250 CC 6.4 PSD
Banks 6 gun/ram air
40' Stoneridge 5th wheel, coming in at 15.4K.
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Eric at IDP talked me out of a delete kit as did Aaron at rudys. They summed it up, if I wasn't spending my time racing, sled pulling or pulling a lot of very heavy loads it would not be worth the expenience until the warranty is out. IF you have to take the vehicle back for some thing, the egr delete it NOT gonna help you get any warranty work done since it is not really reversable.
I'll do it in 2 more years when my warranty goes out.

Eric also sent me an email also stating that he does not have a delete on his at this time and highly recommended against block off plates.

Anyway thats what i learned-ed

"New" 05 CCLB 4wd 6leaker No payments
sold Sweet lookin' BLACK 02 F-350 XLT CC PSD
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i wouldnt worry about the waste gate aspect of the egr... hell everyone took them off of 7.3s and 6.0s.. but my truck plugged the egr after 4000 miles with dpf delete and xtreme sct tune so i am going to put on the block off plates on.

2008 ccsb lifted lariat dpf delete pipe to magnaflow dual exhaust, sct livewire, Tyrant Diesel custom tunes on the way!
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It's interesting there hasn't been more information on this topic, as I'm trying to defend blocking off now myself! Is blocking off the coolers, and eliminating the EGR itself, and putting in the elbow a pro or a con?
I'm unsure of the issues of high exhaust gas pressures, with regard to having some kind of wastgate? I've 'never' had my throttle to the floor, but I do pull heavy loads 90% of the time, a heavy in bed camper with a slide, with my 19' V-nose enclosed trailer behind, loaded with a couple 1000 lbs.
Running the H&S mini-max, and she runs like a dream with the DPF gone, so was just thinking it's time to clean things up a bit, and get my block off plates in, and Rudy's aluminum elbow in place of the EGR!
Any advice guys?

2009 F450 4X4 Superduty King Ranch
6.4 Diesel, 4.30's.
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Shutting off the EGR is a good idea regardless of how it's done.

EGR on a diesel is not your friend. In a gas engine, it has some benefits. But in a diesel, it kills fuel economy, kills performance, cokes up the turbos and is generally responsible for gunking up the inside of the intake tract.

We offer EGR block-off plates with our DPF Delete kits. These are 20ga stainless steel plates, cut out with a laser in the shape of a gasket with no hole in the middle. They completely isolate the coolers from the engine. No more will hot exhaust enter the coolers and cause them to leak, and IF the coolers ever do leak (or are leaking internally), the coolant can never reach the engine.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it - What that means is that if the coolers aren't leaking coolant onto the ground, there is really no reason to take them off. It's expensive and time consuming. Our plates simply slip in. Loosen the bolts, pry the cooler back and slip the plate in, then tighten the bolts back down.
Now, the intake elbow from Sinister and others are nice pieces, well machined and pretty, but do you NEED most cases, no. The air coming in is under pressure...a lot of pressure. It's gonna find its way in regardless of the shape of the IC pipe or the intake elbow. If you're looking for that last couple of hp in 700, then smoothing the airflow might get you there. But for most of us, the gains will be negledgable.

Regardless of how you do it, custom programming will be required to tell the computer not to worry about EGR. We offer SCT products to do just that. Should you want to upgrade to a full delete, it's a simple programming upgrade after that. No need for new equipment.

Doug Lewis

Ford Performance Specialists
351 Six Flags Pkwy SE
Mableton, GA 30126

Not Racist, Not Violent
Just no longer Silent!

Question with Boldness.

2001 F-250 Platinum Edition
CIA, Garrett GTP38R, 4" Exhaust, SCT Custom Tuning by FPS
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I have a 2008 F350 6.4 I did and EGR and DPF delete with a Edge evolution tuner. it keeps going in to regen mode and is trowing codes. Blows white smoke like crazy.


P0405 EGR Sensora Circ Lo
P0488 EGR Throttle Pos Ctlr Range/Per
P1335 CKP Circ
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Sounds like you need to get the right tuner with the right programming.

Give us a call, we keep them in stock.

Doug Lewis

Ford Performance Specialists
351 Six Flags Pkwy SE
Mableton, GA 30126

Not Racist, Not Violent
Just no longer Silent!

Question with Boldness.

2001 F-250 Platinum Edition
CIA, Garrett GTP38R, 4" Exhaust, SCT Custom Tuning by FPS
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Originally Posted by tvandyck7 View Post
... Cons: It's illegal on the road and could cost you $10K if you are caught (not likely).
The maximum penalty increased to $37,500 on January 13, 2009: , page 6.

The likelihood of getting caught varies from state to state, region to region and with how the truck's used. If you operate commercially at a California port, for example, the likelihood is close to 100%.

And the likelihood of getting caught will only increase in the future.

USEPA regulations apply in the United States; I don't know whether they're applicable in Puerto Rico.

EGR helps keep the engine (and you) warm in frigid temperatures.
I do know that's not applicable in Puerto Rico. Thermodynamics is easier to keep up with than legislation.

EGR extends the life and increases the efficiency of the catalytic converter by reducing the amount of oxygen fed to it.

Douglas Campbell, P.E.

1986 Isuzu P'up, 177,673.8 miles.
- Hella headlights (highly recommended)
- DOT C-2 back end (also recommended)
- R-12 air conditioner converted to R-406a. Saved ozone and money
- 4.1:1 final drive converted to 3.4:1. Quieter, better mileage but it's a good thing I live in the flat Midwest.
- 9/22/2007, age 21: Still running well when reluctantly sent away for reincarnation, due to body & frame rust.
- Never did get around to converting it to french-fry oil, which is why I originally stumbled upon this site.

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Which tuner would be most cost effective?
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Doug, my '06 PS truck is throwing excessive white smoke and the coolant went down. It is likely a busted egr cooler. Will these plates fix this problem? I have a delete kit I am planning to install but I thought blocking the cooler would be better. That is until I read about the freeze plugs not being advisable. In fact the stainless steel plates were advised. Are these SS plates you sell what I need? I could not find them on you web site to get more information.
I have the Bank's Big Hoss bundle installed. I will have to find out if the interface device they supply can deal with the code once the egr cooler is removed / blocked (unlikely though ) I Also own a Snap On Solus Ultra scanner. Can that be used to deal with the code? I also have an SCT device I used to reprogram my Jeep Wrangler when I installed a Bank's Turbo charger. Can that be used (with some help from SCT) to deal with the code?

Anyone with any information on this?

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