Section 01-00: Body Service
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty, and Bronco Workshop Manual

Body Maintenance

Regular body maintenance preserves the vehicle's appearance during the life of the vehicle. The following steps are suggested as a guide for regular body maintenance:

  1. Vacuum interior thoroughly and wash vehicle.

  1. Check all openings for water leaks and seal where necessary.

  1. Cement all usable, loose weatherstrips, using Weatherstrip Adhesive E8AZ-19552-A or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESB-M2G14-A.

  1. Replace all door weatherstrips that are damaged or worn.

  1. Apply Silicone Lubricant C0AZ-19553-AA or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESR-M13P4-A to the weatherstripping.

  1. Replace all cracked, fogged or chipped glass.

  1. Align hood and doors if necessary.

  1. Inspect windshield wiper blades and replace if necessary.

  1. Tighten scuff plate and garnish moulding screws. Refer to Section 01-05.

  1. Clean seats, door trim panels and headlining.

  1. Apply touch-up paint to chipped or scratched areas.

  1. Drain holes should be cleared periodically.