Section 01-03: Doors, Tailgate
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Workshop Manual



Door, Front and Rear


  1. Remove any garnish molding necessary to access weatherstrip.

  1. Remove the front door opening weatherstrip and clean all old weatherstrip and adhesive (if any) from the body.


  1. NOTE: Make sure that the weatherstrip butt joint is at the bottom of the door opening.

    Cut replacement front door opening weatherstrip approximately 6-12mm (0.24-0.47 inch) longer than required. Butt ends of weatherstrip together and avoid overlapping.

  1. Position the weatherstrip in the door opening and press mounting clips into mating holes.

  1. Install any garnish mouldings previously removed.


Secondary Weatherstrip

NOTE: Secondary weatherstrip is also used on XLT and Lariat models.


  1. Remove weatherstrip and, using alcohol, clean all old weatherstrip from front door (20124).


  1. NOTE: Replacement weatherstrip has paper backed adhesive on attachment surface.

    Peel off paper backing and apply seal to door inner panel.

    Weatherstrips, Rear Door, F-350 Crew Cab


Weatherstrip, Tailgate, Bronco


  1. Lower tailgate.

  1. Remove screws attaching retainer to body.

  1. Remove tailgate weatherstrip and retainer from body.


  1. Install weatherstrip and retainer to body.

  1. Install retainer attaching screws.

  1. Lift tailgate.

ItemPart NumberDescription
156928-S55Screw, Weatherstrip Flange-to-Body
241608Tailgate Weatherstrip
355933-S55Screw, Weatherstrip Retainer-to-Body
443732Weatherstrip Retainer
5377977-SPlug Button