Section 03-00: Engine, Service
1996 All F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Vehicles Equipped with 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L or 7.5L Gasoline Engines, and 7.3L Diesel Engines Workshop Manual


NOTE: For specific engine specifications, refer to Section 03-01A (4.9L SFI), Section 03-01B (5.0L and 5.8L MFI), Section 03-01C (7.5L MFI) or Section 03-01D (7.3L diesel).

General Engine Specifications
Normal Engine Vacuum at Idle-51 to -74 kPa (15-22 in-Hg)
Maximum Allowable Timing Chain Deflection (5.0L, 5.8L and 7.5L)3.175mm (0.12 In.)
Timing Gear Backlash (4.9L)0.1-0.25mm (0.004-0.010 In.)
Cylinder Block Cylinder Head Deck Flatness Maximum Variation0.076mm (0.003 In.) over 152mm (6 In.)
0.152mm (0.006 In.) Overall
Cylinder Block Bearing Bore Alignment Maximum Variation0.076mm (0.003 In.)
Cylinder Block Flywheel Housing Flange Flatness Maximum Variation0.076mm (0.003 In.)
Maximum Allowable Cylinder Bore Taper0.127mm (0.005 In.)
Maximum Allowable Cylinder Bore Out-of-Round0.127mm (0.005 In.)
Measuring Point for Piston Diameter Below Oil Ring Groove16.5mm (0.650 In.)
Required Oil Clearance Journal to Main Bearing 
  4.9L0.023-0.071mm (0.0009-0.0028 In.)
  5.0L0.013-0.061mm (0.0005-0.0026 In.)
  5.8L0.020-0.066mm (0.0008-0.0026 In.)
  7.3L Diesel0.046-0.0914mm (0.0018-0.0036 In.)
  7.5L0.023-0.064mm (0.0009-0.0027 In.)
Maximum Allowable Crankshaft Runout0.076mm (0.003 In.)
Maximum Oil Pump Cover Flatness Variation0.038mm (0.0015 In.)
Oil Pump Rotor Clearance0.10mm (0.004 In.)
Minimum Engine Valve Margin0.794mm (1/32 In.)
Maximum Allowable Camshaft Runout0.03mm (0.0012 In.)

Torque Specifications
Oil Pump Screen Cover and Tube14-2010-15

Flywheel Dimensions
Flywheel Part NumberDimension A mm (Inch)Dimension B mm (Inch)
E3TZ-6375-A25.95 (1.02)28.45 (1.12)
E69Z-6375-B28.18 (1.10)28.85 (1.14)