Section 06-03: Brakes, Front Disc
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350 4x2, 4x4, Bronco and F-Super Duty Vehicles Workshop Manual


Brake Lining and Rotor Dimensions
VehicleMinimum Rotor Thickness
(Discard Thickness)
Rotor Thickness
Maximum Variation
Brake Surface
Lateral Runout
Rotor Surface
mmInchmmInchmmInchmmMicro- Inches
F-150 4x224.450.960.0130.00050.080.0030-1.60-65
F-150, Bronco 4x4 (Integral)24.450.960.0130.00050.080.0030-1.60-65
F-150, Bronco 4x4 (2-Piece)24.450.960.0180.00070.130.0050-1.60-65
F-250, F-350 4x2 SRW (Integral)
F-350 4x2 DRW (2-Piece)
F-250, F-350 4x4 SRW28.51.120.0250.00100.130.0050.4-2.015-80
F-350 4x4 DRW28.51.120.0250.00100.130.0050.4-2.015-80
F-Super Duty Chassis Cab and Motorhome Chassis DRW36.31.430.0250.00100.200.0080.4-2.015-80

Fluid Specifications

 CAUTION: Never reuse brake fluid that has been drained from the hydraulic system or has been allowed to stand in an open container for an extended period of time.

Use Ford High Performance DOT 3 Brake Fluid C6AZ-19542-AA or equivalent DOT 3 fluid meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A.

Wheel Torque Specifications
VehicleWheelBolt SizeTorque
F-150, Bronco5-Lug Wheel1/2-20135100
F-250, F-3508-Lug Wheel9/16-18190140
F-Super Duty and F-Super Duty Stripped Chassis Vehicles10-Lug Wheel9/16-18190140
NOTE: Torque specifications are for clean, dirt- and paint-free, dry bolt and nut threads. Never use oil or grease on studs or nuts.

Torque Specifications
F-150, F-250, F-350 Disc Brake Rotor Shield Screws9-1380-115
F-Super Duty Disc Brake Rotor Shield Screws7-1662-106
F-Super Duty Front Disc Brake Rotor to Wheel Hub Torx® Screws100-12074-89
Nut, Wheel Spindle Back Off and Tighten23-34

F-150 Front Disc Brake Caliper to Spindle Bolts30-3622-27
Anchor Bracket to Spindle Bolts191-259141-190
F-Super Duty Caliper Pins100-12074-89
Front Brake Hose Inlet Block Bolt14-2010-15