SECTION 4A: EEC-IV Engine Supplement—Truck

Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Connector Pin Usage — 7.3L E4OD DIESEL
PinCircuitWire ColorApplicationAbbreviations
137YKeep Alive PowerKAPWR
2511LGBrake On/OffBOO
3679GY/BKProgrammable Speedometer/Odometer Module (+)PSOM (+)
411T/YEngine rpm Sensor (+)RPMS (+)
6676PK/OProgrammable Speedometer/Odometer Module (-)PSOM (-)
7923O/BKTransmission Fluid Temperature SensorTFT
10883PK/LBA/C Cyclic SwitchACCS
12784LB/BK4 x 4 Low Switch4 x 4L
17658PK/LGSelf-Test OutputSTO
19315P/OTransmission Shift Solenoid 2SS2
2057BKCase GroundCSE GND
26351BR/WReference VoltageVREF
30199LB/YManual Lever Position SensorMLP
32911W/LGTransmission Cancel Indicator Lamp
Transmission Malfunction Indicator Lamp
35912W/RElectronic Pressure Control PowerEPCPWR
36648W/PKTachometer (Spark Output)TAC
37361RVehicle PowerVPWR
38925W/YElectronic Pressure ControlEPC
40570BK/WPower GroundPWR GND
41224T/WTransmission Cancel SwitchTCS
44644DGEngine rpm Sensor (-)RPMS (-)
45358LG/BKBarometric Pressure SensorBARO
46359GY/RSignal ReturnSIG RTN
47355GY/WThrottle Position SensorTPS
48209W/PSelf-Test InputSTI
52237O/YTransmission Shift Solenoid 1SS1
53480P/YConverter Clutch Control SolenoidCCC
55924BR/OConverter Coast SolenoidCCS
57361RVehicle PowerVPWR
60570BK/WPower GroundPWR GND

Pin locations given for reference only. Probing 60-pin connector with DVOM probe will result in permanent damage to the pin connectors. Always probe as directed using the breakout box.