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Re: transmission rebuild question

The Suncoast kit is a good one. Just make sure you get a good TC to go with it, as a stock TC is junk.

[/ QUOTE ]

I disagree. The Suncoast kit is repackaged Alto's plus a soft kit. You can save a bunch buying the Alto stuff seperately, if that's the way you decide to go with your build.

As far as converters go, you don't have to buy a triple disk unless you plan on making some power. If you do plan on making some power down the road, Precision wins hands down. They're $1050 straight from Precision, which is a few hundred cheaper than the other "good" converters from the big names. There's even people who will build you a converter for half of that.

Billet input shaft for a nearly stock longblock? If it's for the '01 you're limited by the PM rods. Unless the longblock is going to be upgraded in a big way a stock input shaft works fine, or you can spring the $65 for 5R110 input shaft that drops right in. I used the 5R110 shaft in mine, but my original input shaft was still perfect.

If the build is headed towards the 500+RWHP mark then there's some areas of the transmission that should be addressed after the engine internals are upgraded.
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