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Originally Posted by ViperJ View Post
The time has come for me to sell my truck. It is to tall to load dirtbikes in.

I have had this truck only about 2 months and roughly owe 19K on it. I figure selling it I could get around 15K for it. But the loan/title is obviously in the banks name. How do I sell the truck/trade it in and not pay the remaining balance at once? Anybody done this before?
I have never known a bank to release the title until they are paid in full. If you are dead set on selling you will have to go and see if they will finance the remaining balance unsecured or get it from another source. If you have good credit it is pretty easy to get a 4k loan. That is a pretty big hit for two months of ownership. I would try to find some way to make it work for you without selling.
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