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Originally Posted by Dreamweaver View Post
I am a child of a Naval Officer and have had USAA for both of my vehicles as well as renter insurance for my house hold goods for the last 7 yrs.

I have had no claims on either my auto or renters ever... I have a spotless driving record and have drove truck for 20 yrs. and have 2.5 million miles accident free driving experiance, my wife has a spotless driving record for the last 20 yrs, never had a ticket or an accident.

For 7 yrs I was happy with USAA.... However in may of '06 we filed chpt 13 and recently USAA has gone the way of all the other insurance companies and began using credit scores for the rating of policies.

Keep in mind I have paid them on a monthly basis before my due date in full and on time for 7 yrs.

Well they figured because I have bad credit I'm a bad risk they upped both my auto and renters premiums.

My auto only went up about $24 for six month policy how ever my renters went up 105% for one year.

This was not right so I looked around and was able to get the exact same auto insurance from Gieco for $235 less per six month policy then my original premium from USAA.

Now for the renters insurance I got that from them for $10 more than USAA'S new premium... However it was a matter of ethics with me on that because USAA raised my premium because of my credit score, they sent me a letter telling me that and then when I called them about it they told me it went up because I moved to a new state and that is why the premium went up.

Good try however I started the policy while living in Sioux Falls, SD then moved to Salt Lake City, UT it went up a little bit because I moved into a city that had more people living in it then lived in the whole state of South Dakota.... Well my recent move was to Wyoming to a town of 150 souls... and my rate is supposed to go up cause of this..... Wrong....

They were good for a while.. But then got greedy... Now Geico charges me more for the renters then USAA did however they were stright forward with me and told me about their pricing policy from the start....

Just my Two Cents

And so you see, they were just betting that most customers who have had them for awhile never check rates.

And most never do.
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