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No insult intended!!

Originally Posted by roofeditor View Post
I know some of you may get po'd at me for this but one of the reasons they had low rates was that they had low claims. Officers generally are much lower risk because they are better educated than the general public, and if they get involved in DUI or any other criminal activity they throw you out on your can.

Laugh if you but "officer and gentleman" really does hold true as fas as I have seen. yes there are few bad eggs but only a few!

I've had USAA since the 70's! VERY good!!!
If this came off as an insult to enlisted guys my apology, that was not my intent! I've had a lot of good men that were enlisted crew members and they did an honorable job!!!! When I was over there I did not want them saluting me just because I was the officer. I respect ALL that served! Nuff said!!!!!

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