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Safe to assume you don't like him?

Originally Posted by KINGTUT View Post
Is it just me or is this guy one sensational grabbing, over dramatic, self serving piece of chert on TV. I mean this guy wants to grab news while folks are in real danger of dying. He makes me sick and absolutely sux in terms of coverage of the hurricane compared to experts on other channels. He makes me want to blow chunks. He gives a whole new meaning to the term ambulance chaser...........He is so self absorbed, he is only about himself. I think I have made it clear I really despise this guy. Fox is much better than this, I am disappointed they continue to use airwaves with this fools folly.
When he drew the map in Iraq showing where the troops were, I thought that was it for him!

His name BTW is Gerald and he was called Gerry when younger. It was changed to GERALDO to sound more Latin.

Too much junk/toys to mention, ever changing due to too getting bored too quickly. I need a 10 step program!
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