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Thanks Mark for your writeup.

I changed mine last night and it went pretty well. I ended up putting the hose on the exit from the trans cooler up under the radiator on the same side and the transmission fluid lines. I put in a small link of 3/8" OD copper pipe to stick in the rubber hose coming from the cooler. The other end was hooked to some 3/8" ID Tygon Tubing. There was a lot of junk in the way on my Excursion next to the transmission on the side where the lines were located so I gave up hooking the hose there.

I also removed the pan and did not find anything at all there accept a little steel stuck to the magnet. There was no aluminum or clutch debris. This helped give me confidence that changing the fluid might fix the torque converter buzz on lockup problem.

I think I screwed up and purged the fluid after adding the last 6 quarts when I should have stopped there. I drained the pan then added 7 quarts. I pumped that out and added 6 more quarts and purged that. I added the last 6 and purged that out but I should have stopped there and checked the fluid level. I ended up with about 7 gallons of waste since I purged too many times. I had to add another 6 quarts after the last purge to get it back on the dip stick. My dip stick is really hard to read especially after having just added fluid. The residue in the tube coats the dip stick making you think it is full when it is not. If you look at both side of the dip stick you can get some idea of what it is doing. Usually only one side is fully coated with oil.

This thing only had 94k on it and the fluid was shot. This was a soccer mom vehicle that saw alot of daily driving but not much in the way of pulling. I am pretty sure it was the original factory fill of fluid that came out. Now imagine a powerstroke pulling heavy loads and putting out tons of torque. Just imagine how much quicker the fluid is going to degrade when the truck is actually being used for what it was designed for.


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