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Thank you for the reply. The reason I ask is because years ago I put aftermarket springs from Valley Spring Works on the truck to bring up the front end and level it out. After a few years they had sagged and collapsed to where I replaced them with OEM springs and put the leveling pucks underneath them to raise the front of the truck level. Since that time I added helper springs to the rear due to a large trailer I sometimes tow. Those helper springs raised the rear to where the front of the truck was low again despite the leveling pucks under the front coils.

My plan now is to remove the pucks and OEM springs and to go instead with a suspension lift up front. At a minimum the front suspension lift should make the truck level. If per chance I raise the front higher than the rear is now I'll then raise the rear to match. If that has to be done it will be only slightly that the rear will need to go up.

I asked the original question because on many of the 4WD trucks that are lifted I don't care for the way the front axle and suspension components are so visible from the front. I feel that from a front view the truck appears to be raised more than practical. Just my opinion. My truck being 2WD doesn't have the axle and 4WD components up front so it will present differently and I was trying to get a feel of how high I want to go. 4" or 6"?

I'm leaning toward 6". I figure that the current leveling pucks have me at 2", getting rid of them and going with a 4" brings me up only an additional 2" from present. I think I would regret not going higher than 2" more than I am now, so I think I'll go with the 6" lift so I end up having the front 4" taller than I am currently.


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