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My 7.3L won't start or even crank over

I have owned an '01 F250 7.3 auto 4X4 for about 2 years now, got just over 200k on the odo. Has run great until 2 days ago. My wife drove it Sunday, and said it was totally normal. On Monday I went to start it and it won't even crank over. Instrument lights came on and interior light was on, but I just assumed the batteries were getting low for some reason and didn't have enough power to turn over the starter. So I put the charger on them for a day. Tried again last night (charger reads "fully charged"). Nothing. Checked all the fuses inside and in the PCM box under the hood. All are intact. Checked battery connections and connections at the starter, all look great. I did remove the driver's side battery last week when installing the new Ford AIS intake system, but I reinstalled it and everything started up right away after this, so it seems unrelated. When I turn the key on, I hear the fuel pump cycling as normal and the "wait to start" light goes out after a few seconds like normal, but when I turn the key to engage the starter I only get a faint "click", no turning of the starter at all. Actually I hear two clicks. One sounds like it is coming from right down near the parking brake pedal, and the other sounds like just in front of the firewall on the passenger side.

Also, something that may or may not be related.....
Last week for the first time I noticed the airbag light staying on after startup. It would blink on and off a few times, then stay lit up. I didn't realize til a day or two later that maybe it was trying to flash an airbag code at me. But the truck was starting up and driving fine at that point as well...
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