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Thx everyone. I'm an electrical idiot so please forgive me with the stupid questions/statements. I put 12V to the small threaded terminal on that relay (put the + battery charger cable on it at 10 or 20 amps with the - charger cable on the - battery terminal) and I heard a loud "click" sound from the starter area that sounded like the starter trying to engage. It didn't make a constant whirring/spinning sound, just a single loud click. I tried to start the truck in neutral; no difference. Then I checked the voltage on the relay, but I think I checked it incorrectly. I think I put the + multimeter lead on the small terminal, not the output terminal. I put the - multimeter lead on the - battery terminal; is this correct? Anyway, the reading I was getting was around a constant 20V, but that just doesn't seem right. I'm sure I was doing something wrong. I have a nice multimeter and I don't even know how to really use it......

My gut feeling based on the "click" response from putting power to the relay is that my starter or solenoid has gone bad. $119 for a new high-torque starter seems pretty good, given that the local AutoZone wants $200+ for a replacement.
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