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After some thought I decided to have the install done. I did some searching for someone who had some experience installing the AirLift kits. I found someone who, although it was not their main focus, had more than the necessary experience, who agreed to do the install. I was allowed in the shop to monitor the install, which incidentally took about 3.5 hours including both kits (57396 and 72000).

One of the first things I noticed that may present problems, was the orientation of the bags on the lower brackets. There are various options, but on this application the bags mount toward the rear of the newly designed brackets. This kit is a relatively snug fit, and there is only enough room for them to fit this way. The upper brackets went in without a problem. Once the lower brackets and bags were properly oriented, they also fit as designed. There was no need to modify the brake lines. The left side slid between the lines and the axle and the right side slid over the lines. Care needs to be taken when tightening the long bolts to the lower axle housing bracket to avoid the brake and ABS line. One thing I noticed is that is imperative is to tighten the brackets in the order that is described in the instructions. There was no real problem getting to any of the bolts on this install. The whole install was done with common hand tools, with the exception of a cordless drill and a 3/8 impact (only used to run down the nylock nuts on the long carriage bolts). All of the fasteners were tightened by hand.

The wireless 72000 kit was mounted above the spare tire mount as others have described. This kit has also been updated. There is no longer any need to Join the controller with the manifold, as it has been done in production. The connection direct to the battery has been eliminated. There is only one wire (14ga.) that needs to be connected to a key on source. This was connected to the same point as others have pointed out in the power distribution box under the hood on the left side of the engine compartment. The intake for the compressor was routed along with the wire to a spot under the hood where it should remain dry.

The whole install went very smooth and took only about 3.5 hours from about 8:30 untill noon. So far all that I have done is play with some of the settings. I havent had an occasion yet to try it out under a load, but I willl keep everyone posted.

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