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Also, the arrangement of the thread is disjointed, due to this posting format.

It would be nice if some of us could get together and make one comprehensive post in cooperation with an interested moderator that included ALL the mods this thread is attempting to explain, as well as many others that are not yet mentioned.

The original Ford-Diesel.com website used to have a separate resource page for this type of information that was very useful. As it became outdated, along came Larry who created "Larry's Little Secrets" on his own, by condensing and combining information gleaned from all of us into a more readable and useable reference format.

Sadly, I think Larry was eventually banned by Jason Lester, the founder and former owner of this website. It seemed to me like a lot of very helpful contributors got banned during those days... I still remember some of them from 12 years ago... like Franz... any old timers remember him? Cantankerous as all get out, but really helpful and insightful on maintaining and understanding these trucks.

Anyway, I volunteer to help get this done.

I think the best way might be to break up and distrubute the task among several people who might want to see this done, where the division lines fall by personal interest. For example: Right now, I am keenly interested in knowing and understanding everything possible about five (5) popular modifications, related mostly to filtration systems:

1. Bypass Oil Filtration Systems (FS2000, Racor, Donaldson, Amsoil, Toilet paper rolls...)
2. CCV Condensing Filtration and Collection Systems (Spiracle, CCV4500, CCV3500, etc)
3. Coolant Filtration Systems (just filtration... will leave changing chemistry to Gooch!)
4. Supplemental Fuel Filtration Systems (just pre pump filtration, not changing plumbing)
5. Intake Air Filtration... (my comprehensive posts from a decade ago are now outdated)

So, for these 5 narrow topics, I would volunteer to collect research and condense what I find into a cleanly formatted reference resource, that could be subsequently edited by anyone here with additional experience or information to share.

While I am doing that... others who are equally interested in taking this FAQ to a more useable level could pick up the ax on other topics... from resistor values to fuel pressure springs changes to vacuum operated heater hose bypass valves to anything that the volunteer editor has an abiding interest in. Someone who anticipates the need for a new engine in their truck might explore all the reman options out there. Someone thinking about a new turbo might create and edit a section that explains all about the differences between an H2E versus a GTP38R versus an E-Series turbo etc.

Just thinking outloud here. It is a daunting task for just one person to do... but if the work were divided among many of us, with each of us taking on just a few topics, and if a moderator would step up to provide continual retroactive editing power, and if a standardized format could be agreed upon that even without working live links would at least provide the new or returning reader with a comprehensive list of options and the keywords to extend their search... then we would have an awesome resource here to refer back to from time to time as our individual needs arise.
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