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Hi Discount!

I won a set of MB rims from Discount, looking at the Gunner 8's in the 18X8.5 8-170 -6C

Using the math above, does that mean they will stick out 1.25" more than the factory 16x7's?

And in another 1/4"?

You said: " In terms of Backspace. A 16x7 +6mm offset has a 4.25" Backspace. A 16x8 -6mm offset also has a 4.25" Back Space." So an 18x8.5 -6mm would have 4.5" of backspace? (8.5/2 = 4.25, then subtract the 6mm =4, then add half of the 1", so 4.5")

This makes me nervous when it comes to running tire chains, there isn't a lot of room between the fenders and the inside of the tires...especially if I run the 325/65r18 size tires that I'm looking at. I'd better chain up the 305's that are currently on there and see how much room I have left.


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