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Well I as usual was trying to keep the price down as low as possible so I made a deal with a the wrecking yard for as much of the stuff as I could reasonably get. The good thing is most of it isnt typically a big seller. So I got the axle ass. all the steering pitman arm down, the track bar, the sway bar and links, the coil springs,isolators, shocks and radius arms. They threw all that in with the purchase of the axle but wanted another $80 for the calipers. That cost me $534 plus $80 plus $200 to ship. Then I bought both spring mounts both radius arm brackets and the track bar mounting bracket and the bump stops from the dealer online(Tousley Ford). That cost around $450 or so. Add another 40-50 for various grade 8 and metric 10.9 bolts. Then I found out I needed to change the steering box, got that used for $100 with shipping. Also needed to change one power steering line. The crazy thing was that I needed to drive it daily so I did it piece meal and was only down one day(thats because I found out the hard way that 16" wheels wont fit on the 05 up trucks due to the larger brakes. I have driven it for two days and its great! The first thing you notice is how responsive the steering is. It was scary at first as its like one turn is close to 1 1/2 of the older box. The ride was actually a little stiffer maybe because my doner axle/springs were from a f350 and my truck is a f250. But it rides much better and is so much quieter then the old leaf springs that clunk when turning and its much more sporty ride. Also has a tighter turning radius. I did take pictures as I was thinking about posting an article about it. The wild thing is I didnt have to weld anything, and all of the 5 major brackets had at least one hole already there so you know the bracket will end up being in the right place, no measuring needed.
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