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Yes the axle width is different. From what I can tell, and after measuring, the rear axles are the same, but on the leaf spring trucks, the front is about 1" narrower then the rear. On the coil spring trucks, the front axle is around 1.5 wider then the rear. The end result is the front axle is about 3" wider then the old truck but since the rear was 1" wider before, its not as noticeable as you would think. This is the main reason for the increased turning radius. I will look into the master cylinders. My brakes definatley work better then before. The rear axle also has a larger caliper so your probably right about the master cylinder. I am going to do the rear next. That will be a piece of cake compared to the front! Mainly because Ford also changed the studs on the 05 ups to metric. The lug nuts look almost identical but the threads are different. I don't really want two different types of lug nuts, plus the bigger rear brakes cant hurt. No big hurry there though.
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