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Navistar Pump Install, Continued...

Since the Navistar pump inlet is on the opposite side from the factory Ford pump, the lower radiator hose will need to be replaced.

I used a NAPA "Heavy Duty" OTR truck flex-hose (made by Gates). The NAPA part number is: FM-124. It is a 2-1/4" ID x 2" ID x 25" long. The 2-1/4" end fits the Navistar pump perfectly. However, the 2" end is a bit large for the oulet spigot on the radiator (which is 1-1/2" OD).

I solved this by cutting a short piece of factory lower hose (about 1-1/2 inches long) and slipping it inside the 2" ID flex hose, thus forming a bushing to down-size the larger hose. Once it's on the radiator and tightened down, it just becomes a really thick hose-end. Worked like a charm...

If desired, you could also use a little adhesive or sealant between the bushing and the hose, if it makes you feel better! I didn't, and it's working good!

--> NOTE: I recently found a part number for a "molded" lower hose (unfortunately, after mine was in). It is a NAPA 8763. I believe the diameters of the hose will still require the bushing trick I used above, but I cannot be certain of this (as of this writing) as I have not seen one yet. So, if you don't like the flex-hose look, try this one...

The lower hose, installed, fit like a glove. Routed nicely around the starter cable...

Once the pump is in, and the hoses are hooked up, you can stuff the radiator, fan & shroud back in, and fill it up with coolant. Oh yea, don't forget to pick up a coolant filter and install it before filling the radiator! The filters are:NAPA # 4070 (non-SCA filter) orNAPA # 4071 (SCA/DCA pre-charged, 4-units). These are also available from Fleetguard, Donaldson, Wix, and others, however the part numbers may be different.

As for coolant: I used a product from Fleetguard called "ES Compleat" (http://www.cumminsfiltration.com/htm..._compleat.html). I have been using this coolant in my truck for 5 years. Yea, I know...it's a Cummins product. But it is a VERY good coolant, and it designed for extremely long life, particularly when used in combination with coolant filtration. It isn't cheap, but then, really good stuff seldom is! I also used distilled/demineralized water for the 50/50 dilution. (I use this exact coolant in a 1200 HP Cummins V-12 engine in a large crane that I maintain).

However, any good diesel engine-rated coolant will work. It should be Glycol-based, and preferably a low-silicate type. You can also add SCA'a (Suplemental Coolant Additives) to enhance the corrosion and cavitation protection. This is also sometimes refered to as a "DCA-IV" additive ("Dry Chemical Additive Four"). Even though it says "dry", it is avaiable in liquid form. Also, the coolant filters can come with the SCA additive in them (in dry form), and it will supplement the corrosion inhibitors as it's used. You can also use the non-SCA type filter if desired (it's just a filter...).

At such time that you need to change the filter (15000 to 20000 mi.), the little valve can be shut off to facilitate changing the filter without loosing coolant.

Although it seems like a lot to do for just a water pump, I think the little bit of extra effort involved, is greatly offset by the advantage of the heavy-duty Navistar pump, and the engine-life advantages of the coolant filter.

Good Luck!


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