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Originally Posted by Green2D View Post
I just installed my boots from Dieselsite yesterday. A very high quality product that can't even be compared to the original boots that came off my truck. All six boots with the plenum inserts, I even threw in the AIH delete plug while I had it all apart. My transactions with Dieselsite have been very positive and I'll happily do business with them in the future.


Like I said in my previous posting;

Ford has ""ALSO"" upgrade their boots from the original...just like DieselSite did...

My contention is that the Ford boot is an engineered part designed to fit 'precisely' where it goes, and is not an over glorified radiator hose that has to be modified to fit

And to top it off, it's a lot cheaper actually buying from Ford...
Both from the cost of the product and the shipping...

Tousley's still gives a pretty good discount....I didn't try them...
I'm certain, they would have had a better price than the local stealership,
and DieselSite...

Take Care

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