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Fuel and oil crossover install results (FRx and HPx) and question.

Completed the Riffraff FRx and HPx install. Did both at the same time so can not speak to which produced what results.
The results of the install were quite noticeable. The engine is much quieter now from idle all the way through it rpm range and idle seems a bit smoother.
There's something I don't understand about the noise reduction so if anybody has any theory's please chime in.
I have a DP-Tuner chip with a few different tunes. Pre-FRx/HPx install, there was a large increase in engine noise when moving from the stock tune to any DP-Tuner tune. That is, you're idling in the stock tune and you then select a DP-Tuner tune and the idle noise level would bump up noticeably. And acceleration from off idle up through to cruise was also noticeably louder in any of my DP-Tuner tunes vs the stock tune. --To the point where if I was in a neighborhood early or late I'd select the stock tune just for its quietness.
Now, after the FRx/HPx install, all my DP-Tuner tunes are as quiet as the stock tune. This is surprising to me! The DP tunes were so significantly louder than the stock tunes and now after the install, they're not. How is that? What's going on? I was curious enough to call Jody at DP-Tuner but was too late and they were closed for the day. If I find anything out, I'll post back here.

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MagnaFlow 4" Exhaust and muffler
Bellowed Up Pipes from Int'l
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Maghytec rear diff cover w/ Mobil 1 75W-140
Mobil 1 ATF in trans/transfer case/powersteering Magnafine filters for tranny and power steering
Airbags, KYB Monomax shocks, Torklift Swaystops, Roadmaster 1.5" Rear Sway Bar
CCV mod
TransferFlow 57 gallon fuel tank
Riffraff fuel and oil crossover
Strictly Diesel fuel tank/pre-pump kit
Air intake heater delete Max A/C assist Braided 4WD shift hoses, Replacement boots for all turbo/intercooler boots, Coolant filtration system, 203*F thermostat
2 layers Dynamat Extreme on interior roof/floor/doors, Dynamat Xorb on Firewall
Alpine IVA1000 and amp, Python Alarm

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