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Originally Posted by Coolhand View Post
Been checking into either the FS-2500 or the Amsoil bypass kit. The Amsoil kit is half the cost.

Any results to share with the Amsoil kit? I am planning to go synthetic and longer drains for multiple reasons, but wanted to check with this forum on results // positive // negatives of both.


I have been using Amsoil Synthetic marine diesel motor oil and their filter by-pass system for 4 years in my boat and had nothing but problems until one of the by-pass filterís seal blew out and emptied the motor of its oil. On the very first oil lab sample report the lab noted that the motor was producing a high content of lead and tin. This suggested that my bearings were wearing at an extraordinary rate and I should remove the Synthetic oil and replace it with Dino oil. I called Amsoil to discuss the labís findings and got a runaround saying that the labs report was too low to be a problem. I continued to use Amsoil for another 3 oil changes and continued to receive the same results; high lead and tin each time.

I finally replaced the Amsoil Synthetic marine diesel motor oil with Rotella T Dino oil and the lab reports started to come back normal. However, I continued to use their By-pass filter system with their expensive filters because I thought the concept was solid, BIG mistake. After using the by-pass filter system for another 4 years in my boat with out any problems until one day out on the water on plane the motorís RPM suddenly dropped to half and then died. I turned around to see a quarter mile by 30-foot wide oil slick behind me. I opened the hatch to the motor only to find that everything was covered with oil. I was afraid that the hot motor would ignite all that oil and make a ugly situation even worse with the 4 people on board so I stood ready with the fire extenuators and had everyone use PFDs until SeaTow arrived.

I reported the problem to amsoil and once more the runaround, I explained the filter failure to them and offered to send them the failed filter, they claimed this is the first time they have heard of this issue and said that I must have not had the filter on tight enough. I advised them that they were wrong because it took my son and I to get it off and when we did we found that the seal was out of the grove and pushed over one third of the way around the mating surfaces of the filter. Then the Amsiol rep reversed his comment and said I had the filter on too tight, canít win for loosing with them they have an answer for everything.

The boat is at the Yanmar dealerís boat yard having the motor pulled and taken apart to get a better idea of what parts were damaged and need to be replaced. Needless to say that was an expensive effort to preserve a costly marine motor I would have been better off using the original Yanmar single filter. If I get out of this for under $15k I will consider it a lesion money canít buyÖ. leave well enough alone!
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