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Re: T.S. 4 POS CHIP.

My main qustion is i have a QLJ3 code with a ts chip, and i need more power the chip feels weak all fuel 7 does is build a lot of heat maybe less power than 125hp pos. Does anybody know if i can change my code in my comp and loose the Calf emissions code and poss go with a nvk or anything.

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Fuel 7 or DI's extreme programs flow as much fuel as your injectors are gonna give, if you're already there on the 125 setting then that's gonna be it. My experience with chips on stock injectors tell me that most of the gains are made 0-70mph, if you are at WOT at 60mph, you aren't gonna see much more when you up the settings, the biggest difference between the settings is how quick you get to say 80mph. I personally find the extreme settings handy when you need them, but I drive at around 70hp settings for my daily drive. Less anoying to others and less embarising seeing the smoke pour out.


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