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Installed hybrid injectors, rough idle, codes

Installed hybrids this weekend and after the normal test drive to evacuate all the air the truck idles very rough. It lopes and searches around for a smooth idle. Puffs white smoke when pulling out at partial throttle after stopping at a red light. Power is good at speed, EGTs are fine, oil pressure good.I pulled the following codes.

Reoccurring codes
P0476- Exhaust pressure control valve performance, I gutted the EBV
P0541- Manifold intake air heater, I removed air heater

New codes
P1293- High side open-bank 1 Right
P1294- High side open-bank 2 Left
P0603- Internal control module KAM error, Battery was disconnected during swap
P0606- PCM processor fault, Battery was disconnected during swap
P1670- EF feed back signal not detected ?

An HX cross over hose was installed and the fuel pressure regulator was shimmed to 72psi at the same time.

Any ideas?
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