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Hard start while on trip to West Virginia...oil issue??

Before discussing my issue, I have searched all the hard start/no start threads, including the ones from the moderators.....

Took the family up to West Virginia for our yearly Thanksgiving/Deer hunting trip....while out on the farm hunting, if I failed to plug my truck in the truck took 15+ minutes to start(3 inches of snow, low's about 15 F to highsin the low 30's)...if I plugged it in over nite it would start first turn of the key like always....

Now I'm back home in Georgia, and I am thinking that the crappy ford GPR has failed again, seems like I have to replace one every 2 years...

So I go out and test the GPR, but this time it tests good, when I turn the key on, the glow plug side of the relay energizes and the voltage reads 10.88v and slowly rises to 11.21v...the relay stays energized for approx 1 minute give or take a few seconds...so now I am going hmmmmmm, its always been the gpr.

I know I am close to needing an oil change, so I wanted to ask...just how much effect does having "older" oil have during cold weather????

Truck runs like new...it recently had :New batteries less than 1 year ago, New Air filter, New fuel filter, New IPR, New ICP, New wiring harness to correct phantom 5v operating issue...

I stay on top of most issues, but with the GPR operating the way it is...I can only lean towards oil, glow plugs, uvc wiring....

I just wanted to get some thought on what factor oil played during cold weather starts, truck seems to be operating good as new now that I'm back in the south...

any input would be appreciated

2002 F250 4X4 XLT Lariat Crewcab SRW 7.3PSD (dark blue with tan on the bottom), 3.73 gears, drop in K&N filter

2015 Ford F350 XLT Lariat/4x4/ 6.7L/ 8' bed/ auto tranny/Crew Cab/ S&B air filter

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