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Originally Posted by Dunbar View Post
OK, reasonable answer. I thought you were just knocking the idea because it was not what Ford put on. I have seen that type of manufacturer knows better than anyone ideology before.
And I have been guilty of that kind OEM ideology too, more often than not. In fact, one of my favorite quotes is "I want to take full advantage of all the engineering I already paid for with the price of the vehicle" So, it was not an entirely unreasonable attack on your part! I just had to step in and clarify, because in this case, no, I too, would like the absolute most reliable water pump money can buy, because I only want to do it once.

The long running (for years) "How many miles on your 7.3 and what have you done to it" thread, proves, if nothing else, that the waterpump ends up on everyone's repair list. My original water pump has lasted 13 years now, and is still going strong, but I don't want to be in the situation where I needed a water pump YESTERDAY, and have to take whatever is handy. I think you've been there done that!

So this preparation ahead of time is intended to avoid succumbing to popular but unproven trends without asking questions first and learning why. I'd rather reveal my ignorance and learn something new than jump on the bandwagon... Get this wheel... oh no, now get this wheel... etc. I want to know why the wheel is being reinvented in the first place. (Metaphorically speaking).

Originally Posted by Dunbar View Post
Most folks do not post about positive long term results of a modification.
But some people do! I'm still bragging about what I did to manage my transmission temperatures 10 years after the fact, even though in that 10 years better solutions have been invented. Since it has been 10 years since the last of the 2 million 7.3L were produced, I was thinking surely there would be more early adopters of the IH pump on the 99-03 by now, but where are they?

Originally Posted by Dunbar View Post
I'll let you know in ten years if the IH pump is still functional. I'll let you know a lot sooner if it fails.
Thanks! I'll bet a lot of people would be interested to know too.

Originally Posted by Dunbar View Post
I apologize for tagging your repeated questioner posts as thinking the mod was dumb. You are just vetting the mod before doing it too.
Thanks again, and you nailed it. Not gonna pick a waterpump because it's cool, but because it cools.
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