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App: Torque 6.0L

Looking for folks who run the Torque App on their 6.0L. I've recently purchased the full version of this and would like to compare my experiences on it with my 6.0L brethren. I have yet to modify any predefined PIDs listed for Ford(including Powerstroke). The extended PIDs listed under that category are:
-Coolant Temperature(From TCM)
-FICM Main Power
-FICM Logic Power
-FICM Vehicle Power
-Fan Speed Sensor
-Injection Control Pressure
-Fuel Pump Duty Cycle
-Engine Oil Temp
-Transmission Fluid Temp (Method 1)
-Transmission Fluid Temp (Method 2)
-VGT Duty Cycle
-Fuel Level
-Volume Fuel Desired
-Injector Pressure Regulator Duty Cycle
-Throttle Position (Desired)
-Throttle Position (Actual)
-Torque into Torque Converter
-Exhaust Back Pressure
-Battery Voltage
-Mass Fuel Desired
-Transmission Gear
-Transmission Gear (Method 2)
-Accelerator Pedal Position
-Injector Timing Before Top Dead Center
-Fuel Injector Pulse Width
-Cylinder 1 Misfire Count
-Cylinder 2 Misfire Count
-Cylinder 3 Misfire Count
-Cylinder 4 Misfire Count
-Cylinder 5 Misfire Count
-Cylinder 6 Misfire Count
-Cylinder 7 Misfire Count
-Cylinder 8 Misfire Count
-Total Number of Misfires
-Cylinder Head Temperature
-Cylinder Head Temperature (alt)
-Fuel Tank Pressure
-ABS Wheel Speed 1
-ABS Wheel Speed 2
-ABS Wheel Speed 3
-ABS Wheel Speed 4
-ABS Lateral Acceleration
-Steering Wheel Angle
-Torque Converter Slip
-Map (Ford Specific)
-Boost (Ford Specific)

These are all the Ford specific extended PIDs listed on the Torque App and not all of these PIDs are for Powerstrokes. HOWEVER when combined with the set of canned PIDs on the app, it comes to a total of 177 PIDs. There is a wealth of information that this app has to offer.
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