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Unfortunately there is no support for iPhone with the Torque Pro app. I too run an iPhone as my main source of cellular communications, but I keep an old LG android as a dedicated monitor for my 6.0L. I don't even have data on that device. The way I see it, I wouldn't want facebook notifications, text msgs, phone calls, etc. getting in the way of my monitoring/view.

But it is by far, the least expensive way to monitor/diagnosis/logging/clear codes that is on the diesel market. I use the BAFX bluetooth scan tool, I purchased from Amazon(I'm just as dedicated to Amazon as I am to the Torque app) for under $25. Surf the android market for Torque Pro and it cost $5, its worth the investment because its like night and day from the free edition of Torque. So for $30 bucks you have a WIRELESS and TRANSFERABLE monitoring device, as opposed to the bandwagon of monitoring, an Edge Insight CTS. Now I'm not bad mouthing the CTS by any means, in fact I've never owned one but I have owned other monitors for the 6.0L and this one seems just as reliable if not better. Well what about customer support? I'm glad you asked because there is no customer support for Torque, but there IS however a dedicated forum just for Torque users and that is what has made the app what it is today. And I don't know about you, but I'd much rather converse with people who use the app on a day to day basis than be on the phone with a tech who probably doesn't even own a diesel. All things aside, I'm not bashing the other monitors on the market, I'm just suggesting a more affordable alternative to newer owners of 6.0's who aren't currently monitoring these parameters and to those who want to know their options. That all I got.
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