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E40D Transmission Rebuild Question

Hi all,

I've got a '94 E-350 Box Truck with the 7.3 IDI and E40D. Last year when pulling a grade with O/D off, my cooling system gave out and the engine of course heated up. I didn't let it hit the red zone (before I figured out the cooling system had given out), but it got close. Almost immediately afterward the transmission randomly downshifted on the freeway, O/D started flashing, and something slipped - from then on, at low speeds and gears, there is a metallic ringing sound when shifting, and it shifts very poorly. I since have installed a new all-aluminum radiator and the cooling system is solid, but as expected the transmission issues continued.

The strange thing is that when I pull the battery cables, let the truck sit for a bit and then connect everything back up, the truck drives and shifts fine for anywhere from 10-100 miles, and O/D light doesn't flash. Then, it will randomly slip again and start shifting like crap. This happens everytime I pull the batteries - drives fine at first, then goes down the tube.

I took the truck in and two different shops told me that there was internal failure in the transmission and I needed a rebuild ($2850!). I've got trust in these guys so I believe them. For my own edification though, I'm wondering why the vehicle would drive fine for a short while after reconnecting the batteries. I was feeling like it must have been a speed sensor or something prior to taking it in to the shop. Hoping someone can just educate me a bit on what might be going on.

Truck has 185,000 miles, and served as a U-Haul for the first 50,000 miles of life. I know these transmissions had some issues in the first place, and I'm sure its time as a U-Haul didn't help extend the life of the transmission any. I was expecting an impending rebuild at some point.
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