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Originally Posted by wpetko View Post
First, everyone here probably should read my article, "Tires for Towable RVs & Tow Vehicles". It's published on www.thisoldcampsite.com .
Second, when I had my SRW F-350 I towed with 75# in the front & 80# in the rear. None of the tires ran hot or showed unusual tread wear. When not loaded, I ran 65# all around. Once again, no unusual tread wear.
Third, RVing friends of mine with dually trucks & big 5th wheels air up their E rated tires to 80# because that's what's on the sidewall. All of their tires are showing accelerated tread wear in the center of the tread indicating "crowning" due to over-inflation. Some of these folks are full timers so they drive their trucks solo quite a bit without adjusting tire pressures.
What I do with my '13 model dually is pretty much what what the tire placard in the door jamb says: 75# front & 65# rears & I never adjust tire pressures for towing or solo; it stays the same all the time. The truck is used mostly for towing our big 5th wheel with some solo miles thrown in & my tires do not look overloaded when hitched up, they don't run hot when towing & they are not showing any unusual tread wear.
I hope this helps. Please let me know what you think of the article.
I read your article. Good write up. I don't think you mentioned speed can cause a blowout. Did you just miss it or was it intentional?


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