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Tranny downshift in tow/haul mode

2015 F350 SRW. Towing yesterday in tow/haul mode on a back road around 40 mph with engine brake off. I slowed down to around 35 mph as I started going downhill and the truck downshifted to 3rd, as it should have, but then dropped into 2nd. When it shifted to 2nd the engine was screaming right at the redline. Usually if you hit the gas it will upshift but since at redline I was hesitant to give it gas. I turned tow/haul off and it upshifted as I expected. Anyone have this happen? Didn't seem right for it to downshift to a gear that would put it at redline. I usually tow with engine brake on and it would have kicked in at the time but I don't expect that to be the reason.

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