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Increase mpgs and what to do for reliability for higher mpgs

Wifes truck.
extended cab
130k miles
we have owned it for last 40k miles
when we bought it, had coolant and tranny fluid flushed.

Here is the thing. We have always had a little car in addition to the trucks. Now the car is dying, and were thinking what she loves most is driving her truck. hates driving cars at all.

We put on about 20k a year that will go on her truck now.

would like to maximize mpgs (she is 35, not a hot rodder anyways...)
I know a truck is not a civic. I get it. At the same time, we HAVE to have the truck. Pulls horses, gets hay and grain etc. So what can I do to maximize MPGS and what would that number be? is 20 unrealistic? What about 18? Seems like we get 14-15 now, and that is mostly highway (80% or more). Will custom tune or exhaust help?

Also, should I be worried about the 6.0l? At one time they were considered junk. Now it seems people say if you maintain them, they are reliable, others say bullet proof kit/EGR delete etc. I am reasonably handy. Is that all DIY safe for average guy?

1999 F350
Club cab
Long box
Stock everything AFAIK
274k miles (07/14)
320k miles (04/16)

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