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SCT Pyro issue

I just bought the 2002 listed in my sig and the SCT X4 7015 works ok but the JMS 9617 EGT probe is having issue. I set it to the SCT EGT with Red Firewire but the temp is not accurate. Even running at 55 the EGTs are around 300 F and I know from my ohter 2 trucks this is not right!
I have not worked with the SCT tuners before and have read a lot about them but not found an answer to this issue. I prefer an actual gauge but since this truck had this already on it I will use it till I upgrade to the Hydra and Swamps injectors.
I got this for my son to drive but want the EGT gauge so he can watch his throttle.

2001 F-250, 4X4, SWB, 7.3L, Crew Cab, MBRP 4" exhaust, Tymar intake, Swamps 175/146 single shot injectors, Driven Diesel Regulated Fuel Return, PHP Hydra Chip, Mechanical Waste Gate, Gutted EBPV, Deleted EBPV Pedestal, BTS tranny, 6.0L tranny cooler, RedHead steering box, Plenum inserts, RiffRaff upgraded clamps for intercooler boots, RiffRaff intake sleeves, CCV bypass from RiffRaff, boots from RiffRaff, Ride Rite Air Bags, Guzzle's Monster Relay mod, 1.0 A/R turbo Housing.

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2002 F-250 4X4 Extended Cab Short Bed California truck, AFE 4" Exhaust, Tymar intake, Leveling Kit, Swamps 175/146 Single Shots, HydraChip with Swamps Tunes, Wicked Wheel, Mechanical Waste Gate, Gutted EBPV and deleted pedestal, RiffRaff intake sleeves, RiffRaff boots and clamps, BTS Transmission and 6.0L cooler.

2002 F-250 4X4 Extended Cab Short Bed, Swamps 175/146 single shot injectors, Hydra chip with Swamps tunes, RiffRaff FRx Fuel regulated system, 1.0 A/R Turbo Housing with high flow outlet, BTS Transmission with 6.0L cooler, 4" Exhaust, Tymar intake, RiffRaff boots and clamps, Wicked Wheel
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