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How does ordering really work?

Chances are the 350 will cover you no problem and be more comfortable ride then the 450, although both will be pretty darn similar. The 450 does have a wide track front axle which gives you s tighter turning radius which can also help for maneuvering in tight spaces. This option has been offered off and on in 350s but at the moment I believe is 450 only. Other big thing to consider in 450s is that they run 19.5 commercial grade tires. This means less choices in tire options (especially in all terrain style) and stiffer sides walls at 110psi instead of 85. They also say rubber compound is harder so dont grip as well.

I just got my new 450 with the 19.5a but don't have enough mileage to know for sure yet. They do seem stiffer and a little more "riding on rails" then my 2012 that has the 17" wheels, but the rest of the suspension seems smoother. So rides similar just seems like a little less hugging the road and floats a little more. But not sure is this is the tires or just the redesign?

2017 F450 Lariat Ultimate

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